Xenial Destiny series
The Oceanic Seize!
Air date January 20, 2015 RS019 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • Matt and Shelly arrive back at their hideout, before they enter an office speaking to a man.
  • Shelly begrudgingly reveals that they were unable to retrieve the package, as Matt was fooled by a bunch of kids, which annoys Matt.
  • Matt reveals that Shelly was knocked out, but even though he didn't get the package, they acquired two hostages.
  • The man tells them he's not happy, but that the mission doesn't seem to have been a huge failure.
  • Moments later, a man runs in and reveals that they've discovered the Submarine Explorer 1 is already near completion in Slateport City.
  • Shelly reveals that if the Explorer is near completion and they still have the package, then their plans may be compromised
  • The man has a quick laugh, before revealing that if they have the hostages, then they can still complete their plans. He then tells them to go.
  • Lexi, Brawly and May arrive in Slateport City and begin to run frantically into the city.
  • They look around erratically as they look for any traces of Team Aqua, Flannery or Brendan.
  • They each look everywhere, before regrouping and find themselves without hope.
  • May asks what is going on and what were they looking for, but Lexi tells her that she's going to have to explain later once they get the others back.
  • She then pulls out the package and realizes the name, before asking a nearby man about Captain Stern.
  • He points towards a docking building, in which they all quickly run to.
  • They arrive at the warehouse and burst in, before Lexi asks for Captain Stern.
  • He points himself out and she hands over the package, but reveals that Team Aqua were after it and they've taken their friends.
  • Captain Stern is at first confused, before he realizes and asks them to follow him.
  • He unwraps the package, handing Lexi the Stone, telling her to keep it safe.
  • He reveals that all he needs to do is place the package parts inside, before he is interrupted by a man who hits him across the head.
  • Lexi, May and Brawly realize this, but are soon knocked out themselves.
  • Ralts attempts to save them, but is unable to, and is pushed aside.
  • Moments later, Lexi wakes and finds herself tied to the others, including a bruised Flannery and Brendan.
  • She looks at her surroundings, but she is unable to detect where she is.
  • Suddenly, she notices Captain Stern being threatened by Matt, who is demanding the plans.
  • He refuses, saying he won't allow them to take the boat.
  • Lexi struggles while trying to escape, but finds herself seeing Ralts hiding.
  • Ralts sneaks towards the group and quietly attacks the groups ties, releasing them all.
  • They all look to each other, before lunging up and grabbing their Pokéballs.
  • Team Aqua Grunts are taken out easily, but Matt and one more begin to fight against Lexi.
  • Lexi fights with her Ralts and Mudkip.
  • She manages to take out the Grunt, and continues to fight against Matt.
  • They fight for a while, but both Ralts and Mudkip are weakened.
  • Moments later, both Ralts and Mudkip are hurtled towards a wall.
  • Suddenly, the lights are turned off and everyone stops.
  • The doors suddenly bash open, and a bunch of Team Aqua Grunts walk in.
  • As they do, they separate and reveal a man and Shelly.
  • The man just asks what have they got here, and look to Lexi.

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