Xenial Destiny series
Aqua's Threat!
Air date January 22, 2015 RS020 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • Shelly introduces Archie to them, and Archie asks if these are the people from before.
  • Matt replies yes, revealing that Stern isn't giving up the plans to them.
  • Lexi snaps and tells them he won't either, saying she refuses to allow them to succeed.
  • She is taken aback. He then tells her that he thinks she has a feisty look on her face.
  • He then reveals that he thinks she'd make a good member of the team, which disgusts her.
  • He asks her if she knows that Pokémon, people and all life in the world depend on the sea for life.
  • He continues saying that the sea is an irreplaceable treasure for every living thing on the planet.
  • But with selfish extravagance, humanity dirties the great ocean, destroying te source of all life... Day by day, humanity is destroying their most precious resource.
  • If humans suffer from our actions, maybe they’ll end up getting what they deserve.
  • He continues asking about the Pokémon, and if they'll have a place to live because humans have stolen and soiled the seas, and that Pokémon won't have a place to raise their young and watch them grow.
  • Humans are creating a world in which innocent Pokémon suffer as a result of their actions... And that is something that Archie reveals he can’t forgive!
  • He comes to a decision, that the foolish actions of humans has made him decide to return everything to its unspoiled beginnings.
  • He laughs at himself, ridiculing himself that he's spoken too much.
  • He then demands the plans and they'll be on their way.
  • Stern refuses.
  • Archie keeps his cool, but reveals that he must insist.
  • Brawly stands in front of him, and refuses once more.
  • Archie sends out a Mightyena, who he tells to retrieve the plans.
  • He does so, knocking out Brawly and harming Lexi as he takes the package.
  • In that moment, Ralts jumps in front of Lexi between herself and Mightyena, and begins to glow.
  • Ralts then evolves into Kirlia, before hurtling a powerful attack that blasts Mightyena back.
  • Kirlia blasts towards the wall, before teleporting everyone out to the back of the Museum
  • Archie returns Mightyena, revealing they have the package, before calling his men to depart.
  • They all hurry out and depart, not noticing Lexi and her friends behind.
  • As they leave, the crowds disperse and the group rise to their feet.
  • They all look to Lexi, but she reveals she needs some air and walks towards the beach.
  • The group look to each other.
  • Lexi sits on the sand, before everyone surrounds her.
  • She asks them all to sit down, and she'll explain everything.
  • She admits that her name really is Lexi, however she isn't just in Hoenn traveling.
  • She's been sent on a mission by Professor Sycamore from the Kalos region, who asked her to locate and keep safe Mega Stones scattered in the Hoenn region.
  • May and Brendan ask what Mega Evolution is, and Lexi explains.
  • She continues to say that she has been involved with very bad people in her life, and the last particular run in was with Team Flare.
  • She explains that she was involved in the Kalos War, in which they all reveal they've heard of.
  • Flannery then clicks on, and asks her if she's the presumed to be dead girl from the war.
  • She admits it, and reveals that she faked her death in order to be left alone by Team Flare, who wanted to use the Mega Stones to their advantage.
  • She continues saying that she left her family and friends believing she was dead.
  • Brendan is taken aback, but Lexi explains it was the only way to ensure they were left alone and not harmed because of her mission.
  • She continues saying that she was informed of a team who was possibly working for or alongside Team Flare, but with Team Flare out of the picture, they believe that they are trying to complete a task using the Mega Stones for a plan of their own.
  • Brawly admits that he's been hearing about Team Aqua for a while, and that they've been causing trouble for a while, but it seems whatever there plans were they've stepped them up recently.
  • Lexi then tells them that she doesn't want to put them in harms way.
  • They all admit however, that despite all she's said to them before, they still wish to help her and want to help all they can.
  • Flannery also explains that they're all on Team Aqua's radar, so they're probably best sticking together, at least for now.
  • Lexi thanks them all, before admiring her newly evolved Kirlia.
  • Brawly laughs, before saying he's got an idea.

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