Xenial Destiny series
One Beachside Battle!
Air date January 27, 2015 RS021 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • Brawly suggests a 3v3 battle.
  • Captain Stern agrees, saying he could do with a bit of a break.
  • Lexi laughs, and they all smile, and she accepts.
  • Lexi looks to Kirlia, and asks if she'd like to battle, in which she accepts.
  • Brawly sends out Makuhita, while Kirlia steps forward.
  • They begin to battle.
  • Both Makuhita and Kirlia show they're strength, but Makuhita overpowers Kirlia and defeats her.
  • Brawly smiles smugly, but Lexi tells him not to get cocky.
  • Brawly sends out Machop while Lexi sends out Mudkip.
  • They continue battling, and Machop is doing great, however Mudkip takes Machop's showmanship to his advantage and defeats him.
  • With a tie, the two send out their final Pokémon; Brawly sends out Meditite while Lexi sends out Mawile.
  • As soon as Mawile comes out, Lexi asks it to do well in the first battle, but she simply pushes her nose into the air.
  • Lexi brushes it off and the battle begins, with Brawly asking Meditite to attack.
  • When Lexi asks Mawile to block, she refuses and instead attacks right back.
  • Brawly continues to attack, and despite Lexi's commands, Mawile refuses to listen and does the opposite at every turn.
  • Brawly looks on, before deciding to end the battle.
  • Lexi looks to Mawile, but she refuses to talk.
  • As Lexi walks closer to Mawile, she returns to her Pokéball, and when Lexi tries to let her out again, she is unable to.
  • They are all confused, and Lexi reveals that Mawile must not be happy being captured, and that she's never really experienced a Pokémon who disobeyed her or disliked her.
  • Brawly explains that some Pokémon just need time to adjust, and she should try again later.
  • Captain Stern intervenes and agrees, before telling Lexi that he could identify what species of Pokémon the stone from Sea Mauville is for.
  • He hands it her, and holds it to the sun.
  • He reveals that he is a Mega Philosopher, and that although he's not had the benefit of Mega Evolution himself, he has studied it for years since Steven and his father had spoke to him about it.
  • He reveals that the Stone is in fact a Manectite, a Stone given to Manectric.
  • Lexi thanks him for the revelation, before May pulls out her Pokédex and reveals that she can find Electrike, the pre-evolved form of Manectric just outside Slateport City.
  • She thanks them, and suggests they go there next.
  • They all agree, but Brendan looks to the Contest Hall, but doesn't say anything.
  • Captain Stern says his goodbyes before heading off, and the group pick themselves up, and walk on.

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