Xenial Destiny series
Spotlight! Introducing Lisia!
Air date January 30, 2015 RS022 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • The group, finally ready to leave, head for the North exit of Slateport City.
  • As they walk, they soon see a large crowd of people waiting outside a large building, which Brawly reveals to be the Contest Hall.
  • They go over to see what the commotion is about, before they are dragged into the crowd.
  • An announcer begins talking, before introducing Contest Idol Superstar Lisia and Ali.
  • Suddenly, a woman appears with an Altaria next to her, before posing.
  • The group look to each other as everyone else cheers and screams at the girl, before May noticing Brendan watching her.
  • Lexi asks who she is, and Brendan reveals that its Lisia, a Contest Idol who has won many competitions throughout Hoenn.
  • Suddenly, Lisia reveals that she came to Slateport City to find a bright new talent in the Contest scene, and that she wants to pick someone out of the crowd to take under her wing.
  • She peers round, before May quickly raises Brendan's hand, causing Lisia to chose him.
  • Brendan is shocked and nervous and at first refuses, but after a gentle nudge from Brawly and Lexi he steps forward.
  • Lisia asks his name, before showing him into the Contest Hall.
  • The group follow, before Lisia asks him if he's participated in a Contest before, which he denies.
  • She then hands him a Contest Pass, before showing him to a side room.
  • She places him ina chair and reveals that he's going to need to wear something eyecatching for his Contest debut, handing him some clothes, which he changes into.
  • May laughs at him, but Lisia reveals he looks great and shows him to the Hall entrance.
  • She asks him which Contest he'd like to enter, which he is unsure. She instead asks him to show her his Pokémon.
  • Brendan lets out his Treecko, Wurmple and Minun.
  • Lisia analyses the Pokémon, before looking to Treecko.
  • She selects Treecko, and suggests he enters the Smart Contests.
  • Brendan is nervous, but words of encouragement from May push him to enter.
  • They all wish him good luck, before the Contest begins.
  • Lexi, Flannery, Brawly and May sit in the stands.
  • Brendan stands awkwardly in the back, before being pushed forward into the spotlight.
  • They all cheer him on, but the rest of the crowd isn't so receptive.
  • Despite this, Brendan is confirmed to move onto the second round, thanks to the charisma of Treecko.
  • As the second round begins, they begin to show off their moves.
  • Treecko presents it's five moves, however messes up on the final move, causing him to lose points.
  • As the second round comes to an end, the votes are tallied.
  • The group give thumbs up to Brendan from the audience, but he's too nervous.
  • Moments later, the final two contenders are announced - both not Brendan.
  • Brendan is quickly pushed from the stage.
  • The group leave the audience, before going backstage.
  • Brendan seems upset, but reveals he doesn't think he was ready.
  • Lisia enters, and reveals that she thought he was wonderful.
  • They're all shocked, and she reveals that he showed potential, and that she hopes he realizes that he and his Pokémon have talent.
  • Brendan feels encouraged, before suggesting they head off.

  • Elsewhere, Roxanne is battling in her Gym, when she's beaten by a Trainer. She congratulates the Trainer, before asking them where they're heading next.
  • The Trainer is revealed to be Calem, and he reveals they're heading to Mauville City, before Shauna and Marlon enter from behind.

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