Xenial Destiny series
Taking a New Path!
Air date February 03, 2015 RS023 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • Marlon, Calem and Shauna exit the Rustboro Gym, before they are quickly tailed by Roxanne.
  • The trio look back, and Roxanne reveals she wondered if she could possibly join them on their way to Mauville City, as there is a Trainer she wants to look for.
  • They look to each other, and they accept.
  • Marlon welcomes her and a Shauna jealously tells them to stop flirting with her.
  • Roxanne laughs, but thanks them anyway.
  • She asks them what they're all doing in Hoenn, and they reveal that they decided to travel together as it was Calem's home region, and Shauna wanted to participate in the infamous Contests in Hoenn.
  • Marlon reveals however, they also wanted to come because they had dealt with some bad people where they were before, but that they don't wanna talk about it.
  • Calem holds his head down in upset, but doesn't allow the others to see this.
  • Shauna asks her why she is looking for a specific Trainer, and she reveals she met a female Trainer who ignited her love for battling, but that she's not experienced the same euphoria since.
  • They're all curious, but continue on, before Marlon trips over something.
  • A Pokémon is startled and runs around, which Marlon apologizes too profusely.
  • Shauna identifies the Pokémon as a Corphish.
  • Marlon admires the Pokémon, before deciding to capture it.
  • The group are stunned, and watch on as Marlon tries to capture the Pokémon.
  • Marlon battles against it with his Totodile, who after a while, manages to capture the Pokémon.
  • They all celebrate, before Roxanne reveals that that show was almost as good as her battle against Lexi.
  • As she says the name, all three of them give Roxanne a sharp shocked look.
  • She asks what's wrong, before they all go quiet.
  • Calem looks up, before walking away.
  • Shauna goes to follow, but Marlon stops her.
  • Roxanne apologizes and asks what's wrong, and Marlon reveals that the reason they left Kalos is because they lost a good friend of theirs, named Lexi.
  • Shauna reveals that Calem took her death extremely hard, and struggles a lot of the time with it, but they try their best to take his mind off of her.
  • Roxanne apologizes once more, before they all walk to Calem.
  • He apologizes, but reveals that they should continue their journey.
  • They all agree, before Shauna suggests that she needs to start her training for the next Contest, discovering it to be in Fallarbor Town.
  • They all look to each other, before walking onwards.

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