Xenial Destiny series
The Electrifying Savior!
Air date February 06, 2015 RS024 Season Ruby & Sapphire

The group enter towards the Bicycle Road only to find a bunch of Team Aqua members causing havoc. When Pokémon are seen being mistreated, the group take action once again.

  • The group finally leave Slateport City, and the group are happy to be continuing on.
  • As they walk on, they're soon stopped as a group of Trainers reveal that they can't continue without Bicycle's.
  • The group reveal they don't have any, and Brawly asks if there is just a normal route they could take.
  • The Trainers reveal there is, but that a group of bad men are blocking the way.
  • The group all look to each other, before stating that they'll go ahead and see what's going on.
  • As they begin to walk closer, they soon hear Pokémon cries, resulting in them all running to the screams.
  • They arrive where the men are and they discover them to be Team Aqua members.
  • Angered, Brawly and Flannery step forward and ask what they're doing, before a group of Pokémon can be seen being hurt.
  • The Team Aqua members just laugh and tell them to get lost, which only angers them all.
  • The group aren't happy, and they all send out their own Pokémon.
  • They all try to battle the men, but a mechanism stops their attacks, and the group are helpless.
  • They're unsure what to do, and the Team Aqua members just laugh hysterically as they continue to torture the Pokémon, which they identify as an Electrike.
  • From the bushes behind them, a Pokémon suddenly pounces out and casts an attack at the mechanism, leading it to blow up.
  • The Electrike then attacks the men, which leads to many of the Pokémon being released.
  • However, the Pokémon is then hit by one of the men, who then scarpers with two Pokémon - a Plusle and Minun.
  • The group quickly rush passed the men to chase the other man, but Lexi picks up the injured Pokémon and quickly follows them all.
  • The group arrive close to a quarry, where the man is cornered.
  • They tell him to give up the Pokémon, but he panics and tells them to leave him alone.
  • They edge closer to the man, but he edges closer to the edge.
  • He panics, and throws the Plusle and Minun into the air, and land on a rock in the water.
  • The group are shocked, and the man jumps into the water and down the river out of sight.
  • They all panic, before Brendan rushes towards the water.
  • They don't know what to do, but May realizes Brendan has a plan and rushes to help him.
  • Lexi places the Electrike down, asking if it's okay, in which it smiles.
  • Lexi looks to the others, and see's Brendan and May struggling to help the two Pokémon.
  • She looks to Electrike, before asking it to help her again.
  • He makes an attack that helps Brendan and May, and they are successful in saving the two Pokémon.
  • They all gather on the field and relax, while Brendan and May look after the two Pokémon.
  • They seem thankful towards them, and Brendan pushes them to leave.
  • The two Pokémon won't however, and they hang onto Brendan and May.
  • Brawly laughs, and suggests the two might want to be caught.
  • May and Brendan smile, before capturing the Pokémon.
  • Lexi meanwhile thanks the Electrike again, and it hesitates, before walking off glumly.
  • Lexi wathces it leave, before running up to it and asking it to join her.
  • The Electrike joyfully shouts to Lexi who then captures the Pokémon.
  • The group gather together and all laugh, before they look to a sign showing Mauville City, and head off together.

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