Xenial Destiny series
Trickery Afoot!
Air date February 10, 2015 RS025 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • The rain pours down heavily, and the group are drenched.
  • Brawly points to a house ahead, and the group run towards in and knock on the door.
  • The door is slightly ajar, so Flannery pushes everyone through hurtling to the floor.
  • The group remove their coats and the Pokémon shake off the water, when May shouts out hello to try and get someone's attention.
  • No one answers, and Brendan notices a book which calls the building "The Trick House".
  • They explore a bit before they discover the rain has stopped.
  • They decide to leave, but as they head for the exit, they are stumped to find the door has gone.
  • They all are confused and worried, before another door appears up ahead.
  • They end up in a maze, faced with many peculiar scenarios, with Pokémon causing havoc.
  • The group manage to battle their way out of the building, arriving back outside.
  • They're completely perplexed by what happened, before an old woman walks up and reveals the house has been abandoned for some years.
  • The group, unable to explain what happened, decide to walk on.
  • Meanwhile, back at the house, a man watches them walk away.

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