Xenial Destiny series
Destinies Align!
Air date February 13, 2015 RS026 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • The group arrive in Mauville City finally, and are surprised by the large complex city.
  • May spots a sign for the Gym, and reveals that she thinks she'll head straight there.
  • Brendan reveals he wouldn't mind looking around for things for his Contest outfit, and Brawly reveal they might head to his apartment to check things out.
  • May, Brendan and Lexi are confused, before Brawly explains that he has an apartment on the top floor of the City, designed by Gym Leader Wattson.
  • Flannery reveals that she'll join him, as he might be able to find someone who she could talk to about getting her Gym position back.
  • They ask Lexi her plans, and she reveals she has an idea of something she wants to do.
  • They all agree on a time to meet back, before heading off.
  • May arrives at the Gym, before she is told someone else is currently participating, but she is welcome to watch. She is first unsure, but decides to do so.
  • She arrives inside a small room and sits down, before she peers down.
  • She see's Gym Leader Wattson, and looks across and see's him battling against a young man - Calem.
  • Brendan is looking through a rack of clothes, and looks to his Treecko too. The two look more for clothes, before he picks an item up, but someone else is too. The other person apologizes, before appearing before him and introducing herself - Shauna.
  • Flannery and Brawly arrive at his apartment, in which Brawly shows them in. Suddenly, they hear a loud noise, before rushing to see what it is. They arrive outside, and a man reveals that he got a little clumbsy with his belongings, as he's only just received an apartment. He introduces himself - Marlon.
  • Lexi arrives at a salon, which she looks up, before walking in. She is asked what she wants doing, and she reveals she wants a make-over, and hands over her Pokémon to be groomed. They reveal that her Pokémon are in good hands, before showing her to a chair.
  • A woman tells her that she never thought she'd find her, before Lexi looks around, and Roxanne appears.
  • Back at the Gym, May watches Calem battle, showing great strength. The battle soon ends, with Calem winning.
  • She is awarded his Gym Badge, before leaving.
  • May leaves the viewing area and greets the boy, who introduces himself.
  • She compliments him on his battle, asking him where he's from.
  • He reveals he recently returned to Hoenn after being in Kalos, revealing he wanted to return home. They talk for a while, before Calem wishes her good luck for her Gym Battle.
  • May thanks him, before telling him that she hopes to see him again, and that one day, they should battle.
  • Calem laughs and agrees, before leaving.
  • Brendan introduces himself to Shauna, before Shauna reveals that she has recently began competing in Contests.
  • Brendan reveals he has too, and that he's hoping to compete in his second soon.
  • Shauna show him her first two ribbons, revealing that she has only participated in a few but she's hoping to win more soon.
  • Brendan suggests they may see each other again, which Shauna reveals she hopes they do.
  • Shauna tells him that she will hold him to it, before the two separate.
  • Flannery and Brawly help Marlon into his apartment, and he reveals that he met Wattson earlier who gave him a key as he is a Gym Leader from Unova.
  • Brawly reveals he is a Gym Leader from Hoenn, while Flannery reveals that she was, but recently had her title stripped.
  • Marlon asks why, and Flannery explains to him.
  • Marlon is shocked, and revealed that he'll happily give her a recommendation before he leaves.
  • Flannery thanks him, before Marlon leaves.
  • Lexi is sat getting a make-over when her Pokémon are returned to her.
  • Roxanne reveals that she really enjoyed their battle, and that she wanted to thank her for it as it gave her a reason to go back out and see the world again.
  • Lexi is happily embarrassed, before Roxanne reveals that she's actually traveling with some Trainers now.
  • She looks at her watch, before apologizing and says she has to rush off. She asks Lexi for a photo first, in which she does so, before leaving.
  • Flannery, Brawly, May and Brendan arrive in the meeting place and reveal what happened to them, before Brawly asks where Lexi is.
  • Suddenly, Lexi shouts to them, and they all look, as Lexi turns and reveals a brand new look.

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