Xenial Destiny series
Lights On! May vs. Wattson!
Air date February 17, 2015 RS027 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • The group arrive at the Gym and May heads to battle against Wattson.
  • He welcomes her, before showing her to the battlefield.
  • Wattson sends out Magnemite and May sends out Aron.
  • Aron wins after defeating Magnemite
  • Wattson sends out his second Pokémon Voltorb, while May sends out Taillow.
  • Taillow has a hard time, although nearly defeats Voltorb, he is defeated.
  • With one win each, Wattson sends out his final Pokémon Magnemite, while May sends out Torchic.
  • The two of them battle ferociously, and before long, Torchic evolves.
  • Now a Combusken, she battles heavily before defeating Magnemite.
  • May wins the Battle, and Wattson hands her a Badge.
  • May is congratulated by the group, before they decide to head off.
  • Lexi worries with what to do as she spots members of Team Aqua and tries to contact Steven through Wattson with little luck.

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