Xenial Destiny series
A Courageous Return!
Air date February 20, 2015 RS028 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • The group arrive outside of the Gym, when they begin to hear shouting.
  • They quickly rush outside, and are stunned to see Wally.
  • May explains who Wally is to Flannery and Brawly, before heading towards him.
  • Wally greets them and explains that his uncle won't allow him to take on Wattson, but Wally demands to.
  • His uncle explains that he doesn't think Wally is strong enough, and tried to stop embarrassing himself.
  • Lexi suggests to Wally maybe he should train a bit more until he's sure, but Wally is adamant.
  • He soon comes up with an idea, asking to battle against Lexi to show her uncle.
  • Lexi is hesitant, but agrees.
  • Wally sends out his Ralts, and Lexi sends out her Electrike.
  • The two battle, but Electrike is too strong for Ralts and is easily defeated.
  • Lexi feels bad, and May whispers to her to maybe go easier on Wally.
  • Lexi agrees, before sending out her Mawile.
  • Wally sends out his newly caught Roselia.
  • The two battle and Lexi attempts to go easier on Wally, however Mawile continues to be disobedient and easily defeats Roselia.
  • Lexi feels embarrassed and slightly frustrated at Mawile's behavior, but when she tries to talk to Mawile, she returns to her Pokéball.
  • Wally finally sends out his Skitty, while Lexi sends out her Kirlia.
  • The two battle, and even with Lexi hardly trying, Skitty is defeated.
  • Wally is disappointed at the loss, and rushes off.
  • Brendan and May run after him, while Lexi looks on remorsefully.
  • May and Brendan catch up to Wally, and they explain that he needs to show his strength by training heavily and only taking on battles he knows he can win.
  • Wally realizes he has to be more confident and sure of himself, and thanks them.
  • They all return to see Lexi and everyone, and Lexi apologizes. Wally says it's okay, before apologizing to his uncle too.
  • However, he tells his uncle he won't give up and will continue to train, before running off.
  • The group all laugh as they watch him leave, before heading off themselves.

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