Xenial Destiny series
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Air date February 24, 2015 RS029 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • Flannery reveals that they're getting closer to Lavaridge Town, but as they walk by, a man stops them and explains that there is trouble with the cable cars to Lavaridge Town and so everyone is being diverted through the Fiery Path for a few days. Brawly explains that they can head through the Fiery Path and up to Fallarbor Town for a short detour while they wait for the cable cars to be fixed.
  • They all agree, and Flannery explains that maybe Brendan could participate in his next Contest, putting him on edge.
  • As they walk through the winding road, they begin to her screams up ahead and rush through.
  • They find a couple being attacked by Pokémon.
  • All of the group jump into action and attempt to deter the Pokémon but more just appear.
  • Mudkip is hit badly after he is overpowered.
  • The couple find a place to hide and all the group rush into it.
  • They introduce themselves as Gabby & Ty, a reporting duo who came after discovering that Pokémon were acting out due to mysterious changes to Mt. Chimney.
  • They all come up with plans to defeat the Pokémon who are continuing to cause trouble, and head back out.
  • They all fight for a while, before Mudkip comes face-to-face with the same Pokémon who had defeated him before. He continues battling anyway and evolves into Marshtomp.
  • As Marshtomp, he successfully manages to use an attack which washes away the anger in the Pokémon.
  • All the Pokémon run away and the group celebrate after being successful in helping Gabby & Ty.
  • Gabby & Ty worry there could be more problems.
  • The group decide to head through the Fiery Path quickly.
  • Lexi congratulates Marshtomp, who decides to remain in it's Pokéball from now on.
  • Lexi continues with the group, holding the Sableye egg close to her, hearing it rattle.

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