Xenial Destiny series
An Ashy Maze!
Air date March 06, 2015 RS032 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • The group arrive on a Route filled with soot.
  • They find it hard to traverse through it, before they stumble on a house.
  • They enter where they are greeted by a man who reveals to them about the pass-time of Ash collecting.
  • They decide to participate and head off in teams.
  • Flannery, Brawly and May, and Brendan and Lexi.
  • While collecting, Brendan confides in Lexi about his nervousness for his next Contest.
  • Lexi gives him good advice about getting over his fears and doing his best.
  • As they continue, Lexi finds her Egg to be erratically moving and hatches.
  • The Sableye is born and Lexi detatches the Mega Stone from inside the Egg.
  • The Sableye becomes scared and runs off, resulting in Brendan running after it.
  • Lexi manages to find the others and explains the situation and they head off to try and find the Pokémon.
  • After a while, Brendan finds the Sableye and calms it down.
  • Lexi is reunited with the Sableye who perches on her shoulder.
  • Lexi thanks Brendan who thanks her for her advice.
  • They ditch the Ash-Collecting game when they discover they are almost at Fallarbor Town.
  • The group arrive in Fallarbor Town finally.

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