Xenial Destiny series
The Cosmic Kidnapping!
Air date March 10, 2015 RS033 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • The group traverse through the Town and find the next Contest Hall.
  • Brendan goes in and signs up for the Contest.
  • He has another meeting with Lisia who gives his words of encouragement.
  • The group are about to enter to watch the Contest before they find a man being dragged away.
  • The group rush off and try to chase the man but they are stopped.
  • A woman arrives and reveals him to be Professor Cozmo, and reveals the details of why he's been kidnapped.
  • Lexi assures them that it must be Team Aqua, and they come up with a plan.
  • They head off in the direction of Meteor Falls where it appears he was taken.
  • Lexi worries about running into the team again after her previous encounters with Team Plasma, Team Galactic and Team Flare.
  • Brendan worries back at the Contest Hall for not going with his friends.
  • He meets Shauna who he talks to about what's going on.
  • Shauna begins to wonder if Lexi is really dead when Brendan mentions something that could relate to the Lexi she knows.
  • The group arrive outside Meteor Falls ready to face Team Aqua.

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