Xenial Destiny series
Magma Meeting in Meteor Falls!
Air date March 13, 2015 RS034 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • The group enter Meteor Falls sneakily before they spot Team Aqua below.
  • They quickly make a plan to confront them but there plan is foiled and they're taken in front of Shelly.
  • Brawly demands they release Professor Cozmo but they refuse.
  • The group manage to get free with the help of Steven.
  • Steven and Lexi confront and battle against Shelly and a Team Aqua Grunt.
  • Shelly and the grunt are defeated.
  • They mention about their plan at Mt. Chimney with the Meteorite.
  • A man appears laughing at the Team Aqua members, which everyone looks.
  • Shelly mentions them as Team Magma.
  • Shelly orders the grunts to steal the Meteorite, and they manage to escape despite the efforts of everyone.
  • Professor Cozmo is knocked out in the scuffle.
  • Shelly mentions heading to Mt. Chimney.
  • A Team Magma grunt says they'll give chase and run off.
  • The Team Magma man introduces himself as Maxie the Leader of the team.
  • He confirms they are rivals of Team Aqua and tells them to stay out of Team Magma's way.
  • He then escapes.
  • The group & Steven help Professor Cozmo back home.
  • Steven talks to Lexi about a training session due to her troubles with Team Aqua and Magma.

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