Xenial Destiny series
Walking through the Desert!
Air date March 24, 2015 RS037 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • Lexi and Brawly are unable to traverse through the Fiery Path to get to Mt. Chimney and so go through the Desert.
  • The duo find themselves caught up in a horrible Sandstorm and lose the path.
  • Brawly and Lexi discover Team Aqua is doing something to cause the Sandstorm.
  • Despite their attempts, Brawly and Lexi are unable to stop the Pokémon after Mawile continues to be disobedient.
  • Team Aqua's plans are put into motion as Matt interrogates Flannery.
  • Lexi and Brawly battle against a group of Aqua Grunts.
  • During their battle, the mysterious Pokémon causing the sandstorm is revealed to be a Claydol who was being controlled, but was set free due to an attack by Lexi's Electrike.
  • Brendan and May turn up and help the group defeat the Aqua Grunts.
  • The group begin the ascent of Mt. Chimney.

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