Xenial Destiny series
Race of Mt. Chimney!
Air date March 27, 2015 RS038 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • The group ascend Mt. Chimney successfully without being detected.
  • Brawly uncovers the whereabouts of Flannery and attempts to save her.
  • Matt traps Brawly and Flannery in a cable car and begins to flood it.
  • Brendan and May attempt to stop Shelly but are overwhelmed by her strength.
  • Archie reveals his plans when Lexi corners him and begins his plan in motion.
  • Flannery manages to break free and save her and Brawly, attacking Matt.
  • Flannery heads off to help Lexi.
  • Brawly is successful in helping Brendan and May defeat Shelly.
  • Archie and Lexi argue over his plans.
  • Archie mentions about a super ancient Pokémon.
  • He reveals that the Meteorite could become a Mega Stone or Key Stone but stops himself from revealing any more.
  • Archie challenges Lexi to a battle.
  • Calem, Marlon, Shauna and Roxanne hear about the trouble at Mt. Chimney and quickly race there.

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