Xenial Destiny series
Keeping Promises!
Air date April 10, 2015 RS041 Season Primal Clash
  • Lexi meets with Flannery and the others who explain the situation.
  • Flannery then reveals that she cannot continue with their journey as she is Gym Leader again.
  • Brawly also reveals he must return to his Gym, and congratulates Flannery despite them disagreeing on what to do about Team Magma and Team Aqua.
  • Roxanne tells them all she will be leaving too.
  • Lexi informs them that Shauna, Calem and Marlon will join her.
  • May and Brendan explain they want to continue traveling with them.
  • Marlon points out that this is a dangerous journey and from what they've been told they are still unexperienced.
  • Lexi vouches for them and tells Marlon they are strong enough to help, smiling at May and Brendan.
  • Flannery then hands out a Heat Badge to May, Brendan and Lexi revealing that she wanted to give them to them to remember her and to thank them for their help.
  • Flannery, Brawly and Roxanne all say their goodbyes before departing.
  • With the 6 left, Marlon asks what they're going to do now and Lexi explains that can only continue their journey until she is contacted by Steven, and that they should go to Fortree City where the next Gym is for May.
  • May also explains that Fortree City leads to Lilycove City where Brendan can continue his Contests.
  • Shauna suggests they should train for a bit as the day was getting late, which they all agree.


  • Shauna, Lexi, Calem and Marlon all train while May and Brendan watch on.
  • Brendan reveals he wants to make his father proud and that he needs to focus on the Contests.
  • May explains that they have to help as Hoenn is under threat, explaining that they can do both, at least for now.
  • Lexi showcases her Pokémon to the trio, who are amazed at her strength.
  • Shauna asks about her other Pokémon and she explains that she said goodbye to them before she left Kalos, and that Professor Sycamore sends any that she needs.
  • Shauna reveals that she has become a keen battler but she's been focusing on Contests, before showing off her Contest ribbons, getting Brendan's attention.
  • The two trainers discuss about Contests, while Lexi speaks with Calem.
  • She apologizes once again, and asks for his help, which he agrees, and he makes his peace, for now.
  • Marlon discusses Team Magma and Team Aqua again, and Lexi reveals she needs to become stronger along with her Pokémon.

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