Xenial Destiny series
Verdanturf Opportunities!
Air date April 17, 2015 RS043 Season Primal Clash
  • Brendan and Shauna head to the Verdanturf Contest Hall to sign up.
  • Shauna is determined to beat Brendan.
  • The duo head out into town and find a place where they can train.
  • Shauna asks him who he will use for his four contests, only for him to realize he hasn't got 4 Pokémon
  • Shauna suggests he captures a new Pokémon quickly.
  • Brendan heads out into the woods and searches for a Pokémon, but can't find any he likes.
  • While searching, he finds a Skitty, and wants to capture it after witnessing it's cute charms.
  • As he battles against it with his Treecko, his attempt to capture it is thwarted by Wally who accidentally gets in the way.
  • Wally apologises and Brendan accepts, asking for Wally's help.
  • While searching for the Skitty, Wally reveals he's determined to stick to his dreams and prove his parents wrong.
  • Brendan is left brooding when he listens to Wally's words, agreeing that he should focus on his own dreams to show his father he can be a successful Coordinator.
  • Brendan and Wally run into Skitty once more.
  • Brendan successfully captures Skitty.
  • Brendan and Wally return to Shauna who is training with her Venusaur.
  • Brendan and Shauna train together with Wally watching.
  • Shauna reveals her plans to use Delcatty in the Cute Contest, Venusaur in the Clever Contest, Chesnaught in the Cool Contest and Roselia in the Beautiful Contest.
  • Brendan is unnerved by her strong team but vows not to give up.
  • Shauna alerts him that they have to go in now.
  • Wally leaves and Shauna and Brendan enter the Contest Hall.

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