Xenial Destiny series
Contest Spotlight!
Air date April 21, 2015 RS044 Season Primal Clash
  • Both Brendan and Shauna enter the Clever Contest.
  • Both of them reach the final round, with Brendan in second and Shauna in third.
  • Brendan enters the Beautiful Contest
  • Brendan's Wurmple evolves into Cascoon but still loses.
  • Shauna enters the Tough Contest with Goodra and wins.
  • They both entered their third, the Cool Contest.
  • Shauna loses to Brendan in the semi-final round with Chesnaught.
  • Brendan competes with Minun against a mysterious trainer who beats him.
  • The mysterious Trainer is revealed to be Sootopolis City Gym Leader and Coordinator Champion Wallace.
  • In the break, Brendan introduces himself to Wallace.
  • Brendan fumbled around him and asked him to be his mentor, revealing he's aspired to be like him from a young age.
  • Wallace kindly rejects his offer, leaving Brendan disappointed.
  • Brendan enters his fourth and final Contest with Skitty.
  • Brendan is nervous at first, but uses Wallace's rejection to power him on.
  • Shauna and Brendan compete in the final round, with Shauna beating Brendan
  • After the match, Wallace commended Brendan's attitude to losing and agreed to become his teacher.
  • Brenda became Wallace's Apprentice.
  • Shauna revealed she had a ride to meet the others outside Mauville City but Brendan shocks her by revealing he's leaving with Wallace.
  • Shauna heads off alone while Brendan leaves with Wallace.

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