Roxanne artwork
Age Gender
19 Female
Rustboro City
Trainer class
Gym Leader
Type Speciality
First Appearance
Current Status

Roxanne (Japanese: ツツジ Tsutsuji) is the Gym Leader from Rustboro City, Hoenn.


Roxanne was born and raised in Rustboro City. A studious child, she enrolled into the Pokémon Trainers School at a very young age. Once she had finished, she became a Teacher at the school. After a few years, she lost her passion for teaching and applied for the Gym Leader position so that she could apply what she learned at the School. She wanted to face many new opponents to see them demonstrate how they battle and with which Pokémon.

Xenial Destiny

Roxanne first appeared when Lexi and her friends came to watch May battle against her for her first Gym Badge. Roxanne appeared to be bored and wasn't that interested in battling May as a rookie Trainer, and so Lexi decided to battle against her first. As the battle progressed, she realized that Lexi was a threat, and so, started become excited during the battle. After the battle was over, Roxanne thanked Lexi for the battle and giving her the passion to battle again. Roxanne then battled against May where she gave her a Gym Badge.

Once they left, Roxanne began to be more passionate during battling, however, soon turned to boredom again due to the competitors. She then decided to vacate the Gym and headed off to search for more exciting adventures.

After this, Roxanne met Calem, Shauna and Marlon who were traveling in the region. After watching them train, she decided to join them on their journey, watching and studying their battles and training.

A while after, Roxanne returned with Calem, Shauna and Marlon who met with May and Brendan, and was the one to accidentally reveal Lexi to be alive after asking after her.

When Marlon, Shauna and Calem decided to remain with Lexi, Roxanne decided to go back to her Gym.


This listing is of Roxanne's known Pokémon:

150px Roxanne caught Nosepass while still in the Pokémon Trainer's School. She then used him during her Gym battles, and later brought it with her.
150px Roxanne caught Geodude while still in the Pokémon Trainer's School. She then used him during her Gym battles, and later brought it with her.

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