Xenial Destiny: Ruby & Sapphire
Xenial Unmei: Rubi and Safaia
ゼニカル運命: ルビー+サファイア
S2C04 titlecard
Episodes 39
(RS001 - RS039)
Region(s) Hoenn
Preceded by [[Conquest]]
Followed by [[Primal Clash]]
English Simple and Clean [Hoenn Remix]
Japanese Hikari [Hoenn Remix]

Xenial Destiny: Ruby & Sapphire (Japanese: ゼニカル運命: ルビー+サファイア Xenial Unmei: Rubi and Safaia) is the fourth chapter of the Xenial Destiny series and the first of the Xenial Destiny II era. The chapter surrounds Lexi as she heads to Hoenn on behalf of Professor Sycamore immediately following her ordeal with Team Flare which saw her fake her death. It premiered on November 18, 2014 with Moving Forward and ended on March 31, 2015 with A Volcanic Showdown!.


When beginner Trainer Brendan moves with his mother to Littleroot Town, Hoenn from Olivine City, Johto due to his fathers job, he is less than excited to be in the new region. Deciding to go for a little explore, he stumbles on a Scientist being attacked by a Poochyena. Deciding to help, he finds himself being chased, which results in an incident which leaves him unconscious. A young girl finds him and helps him, only to discover they are not only neighbors but also already acquainted as children. Both new Trainers, decide to head out on their own for the first time in the vibrant tropical region of Hoenn; but not before receiving their Starter Pokémon from Professor Birch...

Meanwhile, with Kalos believing her to be dead, Lexi escapes Kalos undetected and heads to Hoenn on a quest given to her by Professor Sycamore, who wants her to find and collect the Mega Stones scattered through Hoenn in order to stop any unsavory characters acquiring them first. But even with a serious task at hand, Lexi decides to continue to enjoy her life, plunging herself into the Hoenn region and everything has to offer.

All three Trainers, all on separate paths, find themselves coming together as new friends, all with their own goals and aspirations. Joining for the ride include Gym Leaders Flannery and Brawly, who find themselves on different paths - when Flannery loses her Gym, and Brawly is discovers the impending threat. Plus, shy sickly boy Wally, who finds the courage to leave his home despite protests from his family, with the help of the young Trainers.

However, it's not all fun and games for the group, when criminal organizations Team Magma and Team Aqua are running rampant around the region, all looking to implement their larger goals, that could affect the region in catastrophic ways. Both teams clash when their goals don't match - not to mention the growing obstacle of Lexi and her new friends causing them all sorts of trouble.

Elsewhere, still grieving Calem explores the Hoenn region alongside Shauna, Marlon and Gym Leader Roxanne. Will the two parties cross paths, and just how will they react when they discover Lexi is alive and well?

Episode list

Episode Code Information Air date
RS001 Moving Forward November 18, 2014
Brendan arrives in the Hoenn region, uninterested in the move. He decides to go for an explore, only to find himself embroiled in a Pokémon attack.
RS002 Not so New Acquaintances! November 21, 2014
Brendan and May arrive at Professor Birch's Lab, before Brendan sets off on his journey. Meanwhile, someone arrives in Hoenn.
RS003 Stepping Out! November 25, 2014
May captures up to Brendan as he begins his journey, before the two become better acquainted. The two reveal their goals, before May decides to help Brendan capture a Pokémon.
RS004 The Search Begins! November 28, 2014
Arriving in Littleroot Town, Lexi sneakily met with Professor Birch to discuss her plans. Meanwhile, May and Brendan arrive in Petalburg City.
RS005 The Emerald Haired Boy! December 02, 2014
May and Brendan arrive in Petalburg City where they meet young sickly boy Wally who wants to catch a Pokémon, but with a large obstacle in his way. Elsewhere, Lexi runs into a young woman in Oldale Town.
RS006 Where's Wally? December 05, 2014
After the incident with Wally, Brendan reveals the truth to May about him and his father. Meanwhile, Wally at the same time meets Lexi and Flannery when things go wrong once more.
RS007 Rustling in the Air! December 09, 2014
After receiving advice from Norman, Lexi and Flannery agree to help Wally solve his problem. Elsewhere, May and Brendan traverse through Petalburg Woods as May searches for a new team member.
RS008 An Unhelpful Hand! December 12, 2014
Brendan tries to help May train for her upcoming Gym Battle, with poor results. Meanwhile, Lexi and Flannery head through Petalburg Woods where they're interrupted by a man being attacked.
RS009 One Unexpected Meeting! December 16, 2014
Lexi and Flannery arrive in Rustboro City and find themselves colliding with a Team Aqua Grunt, then to find themselves running into May and Brendan who are chasing after him!
RS010 Getting to Know You! December 19, 2014
On their way back to Rustboro City, May and Brendan alongside Lexi and Flannery travel together before deciding to train for May's upcoming Gym Battle, and deciding their plans for the future.
RS011 A Rocky Battle! May vs. Roxanne! December 23, 2014
May battles against Roxanne for her first Gym Badge. Meanwhile, Lexi returns the Devon Parts to the Devon Corporation and is given a new task to complete.
RS012 Watch Out for that Guy! December 26, 2014
The group arrive at Mr Briney's home as they ask for his help in traveling to Dewford Town. However, during the trip, they come to a grinding halt when the ferry collides with a Surfer.
RS013 A Deceiving Interaction! December 30, 2014
Arriving in Dewford Town, Lexi reveals her intentions to meet Steven in Granite Cave. This results in the group taking a dangerous traversing through the dark mountainside.
RS014 The Insightful Meeting! January 02, 2015
Lexi meets Steven once more, who tells her about the lores of Primal Reversion, before handing her a gift and her first task.
RS015 New Friends, New Challenges! May vs. Brawly! January 06, 2015
May battles against Brawly for her second Gym Badge.
RS016 A Whirlpool Detour! January 09, 2015
The group head towards Slateport City but find themselves trapped in a small storm which hurtles them to the large Abandoned Ship named Sea Mauville. Flannery, Brendan and Lexi try to find items to fix the ship, before Team Aqua turn up.
RS017 The First Discovery! January 13, 2015
While Team Aqua's plans are set, Lexi continues to look for the package holding the Mega Stone, before facing off against a formidable opponent.
RS018 A Menacing Opponent! January 16, 2015
Team Aqua and Lexi face off, while both are interrupted by an angry foe. Can the group get out safely?
RS019 The Oceanic Seize! January 20, 2015
The group travel through Slateport City, desperately trying to find Brendan and Flannery, finding themselves in the company of Captain Stern. However, after an attack, Lexi and her friends come into trouble once more.
RS020 Aqua's Threat! January 23, 2015
Lexi and her friends continue to defend themselves against Archie, as all becomes clear. Lexi finally comes clean with everyone about her past and the reason she's in Hoenn.
RS021 One Beachside Battle! January 27, 2015
Lexi Brawly asks Lexi for a battle, which she accepts. The two battle for the first time, but who will come out on top?
RS022 Spotlight! Introducing Lisia! January 30, 2015
Brendan is thrown in at the deep end when he meets Contest Idol Superstar Lisia, who persuades him to participate in his first Contest.
RS023 Taking a New Path! February 03, 2015
Calem, Shauna and Marlon travel through Mauville City, as they meet Roxanne and reveal their plans. Calem continues to struggle at the loss of Lexi.
RS024 The Electrifying Savior! February 06, 2015
The group enter towards the Bicycle Road only to find a bunch of Team Aqua members causing havoc. When Pokémon are seen being mistreated, the group take action once again.
RS025 Trickery Afoot! February 10, 2015
Seeking shelter from the rain, the group arrive in a building named the Trick House. However, they find themselves in suspicious circumstances when they’re unable to exit.
RS026 Destinies Align! February 13, 2015
The group separate to traverse through Mauville City. Brendan meets fellow Coordinator Shauna, May awaits her battle against Wattson by watching Trainer Calem. Flannery and Brawly meet fellow Gym Leader Marlon, while Lexi comes into contact with Roxanne once more.
RS027 Lights On! May vs. Wattson! February 17, 2015
May finally takes part in her third Gym Battle against Wattson, while Calem, Shauna and Marlon are spooked by a picture taken by Roxanne which depicts a women who looks like Lexi. Lexi contemplates where Steven is.
RS028 A Courageous Return! February 20, 2015
The group are stunned when they spot Wally trying to get into the Mauville Gym arguing with a man. Upon discovering his goal, Wally proposes a battle.
RS029 Breaking News! February 24, 2015
Heading towards Lavaridge Town, the group run into Gabby & Ty, who are suddenly attacked by a group of Pokémon. Can the gang help them out of their situation?
RS030 The Fiery Path! February 27, 2015
Traversing through Fiery Path, the group are plagued with a difficult foe as Lexi discovers a possible Mega Stone location, but with it comes another protector.
RS031 Shh! It's a Secret! March 03, 2015
The group come into contact with a man Aarune, who reveals to them the art of a Secret Base, which gives Lexi an idea.
RS032 An Ashy Maze! March 06, 2015
As the group draw closer to Fallarbor Town, they are entertained by a Hoenn pass-time of Ash Collecting. Soon enough, they find themselves horded by a group of mischievous Pokémon.
RS033 The Cosmic Kidnapping! March 10, 2015
The group arrive in Fallarbor Town heading for Brendan's next Contest, however, they are caught in a ruckus when an important Professor is kidnapped.
RS034 Magma Meeting in Meteor Falls! March 13, 2015
As they arrive in Meteor Falls, the group are able to find Professor Cozmo, but once again fall into a brawl with Team Aqua. But as they fight, another group arrive.
RS035 A Mega Experiment! March 17, 2015
With Team Mamga and Team Aqua gone and Professor Cozmo back at home, Lexi trains while Brendan preps for his next Contest with the others. Flannery rushes off after discovering the plans at Mt. Chimney.
RS036 The Dazzling Recital! March 20, 2015
Brendan participates in his next Contest, but with his nerves shot from his first attempt, can he overcome his fear in time? Team Aqua contact Lexi explaining they've kidnapped Flannery.
RS037 Walking through the Desert! March 24, 2015
Traversing through the desert, the group face many hurdles as the sandstorm causes them to lose their way. But is there a more sinister plot at hand?
RS038 Race of Mt. Chimney! March 27, 2015
Team Aqua’s plans soon become clear to the group as they ascend Mt. Chimney to stop them, but can they reach them in time?
RS039 A Volcanic Showdown! March 31, 2015
Lexi faces off against Team Aqua’s Archie, but when things become even more heated, are Team Aqua’s plans too far to be stopped?
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