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18 Female
Vaniville Town
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Mega Master
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Shauna (Japanese: サナ Sana) is a Trainer from Kalos.


Shauna was born and raised in Vaniville Town, Kalos. She's always been an outgoing and sociable child, making friends with everyone in the town and also in the nearby City. She's always expressed her aspiration to become a Trainer, and even met with Professor Sycamore when she was 8 trying to become a Trainer early. He however turned her away, telling her that he wanted her to stay in school and that he'd call on her when she could become a Trainer.

Xenial Destiny

Shauna XY artwork

Shauna's original appearance.

Shauna first appeared in Welcome to Kalos! A New Adventure Awaits! where she introduced herself to Lexi alongside Calem. She then got her Starter Pokémon Chespin, and battled Lexi's Fennekin, but lost. She then helped Lexi capture Helioptile in Aquacorde's Little Threat!, and continued to traverse through Santalune Forest with Lexi, Calem, Tierno and Trevor in Santalune Forest's Infestation!. In The Santalune Sisters! Lexi vs. Alexa! she judged Calem and Lexi's battle against Viola and Alexa, and watched Lexi's official Gym battle against Viola in Click, Flash! Lexi's Bug Battle!.

Shauna returned in A Beautiful Battle! Sycamore vs. Calem where she met with Professor Sycamore and received a Bulbasaur and a Charmander (the latter of who was originally for Lexi but loaned to Shauna to train it for her). She remained for the next five episodes, where she appeared shooting a PR video, observed Lexi, Calem, Tierno and Trevor's battle, and entering the Battle Chateau, investigated Mega Evolution in Camphrier Town and helped retrieve the PokéFlute from Parfum Palace (which also included finding a Furfrou).

Shauna reappeared in The Tower of Mastery! alongside Trevor and Tierno when they headed to Shalour City's Tower of Mastery to discover more about Mega Evolution. Despite the chance, she turned down the opportunity to try and become the next Mega Successor to Korrina.

She then made several brief cameos in several following episodes: in The Lumiose Light-up! where she watched the Lumiose City lights turning back on after a prolonged power cut, in The Stormy Nightmare where they all investigated a Scary House myth and Sneaking in the Pokéball Factory! where she was being chased by Team Flare for trying to get in the Pokéball Factory.

Shauna continued to appear as the Team Flare plot intensified. This included in The Announcement after Team Flare's announcement, in Calem's Revenge where she and the others confront Calem, The Familiar Betrayal! where they discover Trevor's real identity, 6: No Mercy where she fought against Bryony in Lumiose City and during the climax of Team Flare's initial plans in the final episodes of Conquest.

In The Calm After the Storm, Shauna appeared during Tierno's funeral, and returned in Shauna's Rewarding Rematch! where she battled against Lexi for the first time since their first battle in Aquacorde Town, staying with Lexi until An Icy Battle! Lexi vs. Wulfric Part II.

She made a minor appearance in Ready... Set... when Lexi saw her enter the Kalos League. It was then revealed in Shauna's next appearance in A Bond & the Letter that she was defeated in the first battle. Later in the episode, she gave Lexi a baby Chespin, and also revealed her plans to head to Hoenn with Calem to concentrate on her battling.

Xenial Destiny II

Shauna returned alongside Calem and Marlon traveling through Hoenn, having a more prominent role in the series. In the time she's spent in Hoenn already, she had become much more confident and stronger as a Trainer.

She became infatuated in the idea of Contests and soon became a Coordinator, molding her team fit for Contests, including the capture of Roselia. She discovered she had a knack for it and soon caught the attention of Lisia, who was also competing. She became close to Brendan, who had also been competing in contests, although she became envious of his success.

Despite her blossoming career, she temporarily retired from competing as the threat of Team Aqua and Team Magma heightened. Shortly before arriving at Lilycove City, Shauna was selected by Steven to become a Mega Apprentice. After successfully aiding in stopping Team Magma and Team Aqua, along with the threats of Groudon, Kyogre and Deoxys, she, alongside Calem, begun their training with Steven to become Mega Masters. She decided to remain in Hoenn to continue her training when Lexi revealed her plans to leave for a new journey, however, promised her friend they'd meet again to finally have a long awaited rematch in the near future.


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Charizard artwork Charmander was given to Shauna by Professor Sycamore. Supposed to be given to Lexi, she asked Shauna to look after it and train it, as she already had several new Pokémon on her team. It hasn't been seen since, however has been mentioned by Shauna while speaking to Lexi. Shauna showcased Charizard to Lexi in Hoenn, explaining that she trained it like Lexi asked, before giving it back to her.

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