Team Flare
フレア団 Flare-dan
Team Flare Grunts artwork
Team Flare Grunts
Xerosic, Celosia, Mable, Bryony, Aliana, Malva
Hideout location
Lysandre Café, Lysandre Labs, Team Flare Secret HQ

Team Flare (Japanese: フレア団 Flare-dan, literally Flare Gang) are a villainous team based in Kalos. They were founded by Lysandre.


Xenial Destiny

Team Flare appeared throughout the Xenial Destiny series, appearing in several places throughout the Kalos region. At first, it was believed the team was a small group of Trainers who wanted to cause trouble in Lumiose City, however, as criminal activity began to spread throughout Kalos it was discovered the group was a much bigger organization. Lysandre didn't reveal his place as the Team Flare Leader until it was absolutely necessary, covering his schemes with the Lysandre Labs company. The initial goal of Team Flare was to create a "beautiful and better" world while making money, eliminating everyone who do not follow their standards. However, it soon unraveled that Lysandre was using this as a cover for his true intentions; to fund a project to launch the Ultimate Weapon to wipe the earth of both humans and Pokémon. After Lysandre is presumed dead initially, many of his followers and workers defected from the Team, including several Admins. After many were arrested, the team was disbanded.

After Lysandre returned, it was revealed that he had continued to rebuild Team Flare. Despite his best efforts, upon his arrest, Team Flare disbanded - this time for good, at least until Lysandre was released.


Team Flare
Lysandre artwork Xerosic artworkCelosia artworkMable artworkBryony artworkAliana artworkMalva artwork
Xerosic • Celosia • Mable • Bryony • Aliana • Malva
  • Lysandre is the Leader of Team Flare.
  • Xerosic is one of five Scientists of Team Flare; He is identifiable by his red googles and hair.
  • Celosia is one of five Scientists of Team Flare; She is identifiable by her purple hair. She was the first Team Flare member to make an appearance, being put on a mission to see what Lexi was doing in the Kalos region. She made her second appearance at the Pokéball Factory alongside Bryony collecting Pokéballs. However, she was taken down by Lexi once more. Celosia then only appeared with the rest of her team, being taken down every time. She was killed by Lexi in the battle against Team Flare's first assault.
  • Mable is one of five Scientists of Team Flare; She is identifiable by her blue hair. Following Lysandre's second attack, despite defecting to Lexi's side, she was one of the casualties of the Kalos War.
  • Bryony is one of five Scientists of Team Flare; She is identifiable by her green hair. Her first appearance occurred when Calem was introduced to the Scientists, and later appeared alongside Celosia at the Pokéball Factory. Her next few appearances were minimal alongside the other Scientists. She was brutally murdered by Trevor after he became enraged with her actions on behalf of his father to take control of the situation.
  • Aliana is one of five Scientists of Team Flare; She is identifiable by her orange hair. Following Lysandre's second attack, she reformed herself following the death of Mable.
  • Malva is a member of Team Flare. Despite her place in the Elite Four, Malva revealed herself to also be a member of the organization, be it in secret. It's know truly known how far her criminal connections are attatched to Team Flare.

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