The Alexis Saga
Pocket Monsters:Arekushisu Saga
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Episodes 302
(FL001 - SI019)
Region(s) Sevii Islands, Unova
Preceded by None
The Adventure Begins
Best Wishes

Best Wishes: Emerging Powers

Best Wishes: Noble Victories

Best Wishes II

Best Wishes II: Plasma Freeze

World of Dreams

New Beginnings
Followed by Xenial Destiny series
Opening Sanctuary
Ending Passion パシオン
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Pokémon: The Alexis Saga (Japanese: ポケモン:アレクシス·サーガ Pocket Monsters:Arekushisu Saga) is the first series of the spin-off from the Pokémon anime. The season follows Alexis as she begins her journey in the Sevii Islands and then Unova. It began airing in Japan on November 12, 2009 and ended on September 20, 2013. The series featured 8 volumes including 4 movies.

See the List of The Alexis Saga episodes for a list of episodes aired this series.

Before the series

Alexis was born as a twin with N in Aspertia City in Unova to mother Johanna and father Ghetsis. When she was born, N was taken by her father, who had decided to leave Johanna. Because of this, Johanna decided to move back to her hometown of Twinleaf Town in Sinnoh. Alexis grew up with half-sister, Hayley for 3 years and mother Johanna, before Johanna reunited with Hayley's father. When Alexis was 15, Ghetsis returned to come get Alexis; feeling left out of the family, she agreed to go with her father. In the next 2 years, Alexis became a senior member of Team Plasma, where she was "next in line" for leader, alongside brother N. Alexis and N finally became leaders of Team Plasma when they found the famed Black & White stones in a desolate cave, becoming Team Plasma's greatest gain. Following her and N's crowning as Team Plasma leaders, father Ghetsis confided in Alexis than N was planning to steal the other stone from Alexis and become the sole leader of Team Plasma, wanting to be the most powerful. Ghetsis told her that she should give the stone to him, in order for him to protect her. Alexis doesn’t allow this, and hurt by her father’s story, she decides to run away. Alexis manages to escape Team Plasma's base, destroying it in the process. However, her Pokémon at the time, Tepig, was captured by Team Plasma, in which Alexis told it that she would return for it when she could after it urged her to run away without it. N was told the same story by Ghetsis, being told that Alexis was trying to steal his stone and destroy him to have all the power to herself. N gives his stone to Ghetsis and leaves the base with his father. In the effect of the blast, Alexis receives memory loss, forgetting everything about her years as a Plasma member and her knowing of N and Ghetsis.

Finding her daughter alive a few months later, Johanna decides to not tell Alexis about her father, N or anything involving Team Plasma anymore. While asleep, a bunch of uniformed men come steal Alexis's body from her home. Knowing all about the story of Team Plasma and Alexis, Team Galactic Leader Cyrus begins to fill Alexis's head with fake stories telling her she has loyalty to Team Galactic, and that they are the company she has been with all this time. Alexis, not knowing otherwise, believes this and becomes a senior member of Team Galactic. For the next few years, Alexis causes havoc in the Sinnoh region. Alexis then saw her demise as a Team Galactic member when Alexis was defeated by Ash, and two friends, Dawn and Brock. It's here where Alexis is revealed to be the sister of Dawn, being the daughter of Johanna. But because of Alexis's memory loss, she never knew of her sister. When this is revealed to her, Alexis discovers that Cyrus had lied to her, and manages to defeat him with the help of Ash, where he was sent to the Distortion World. Alexis then cut ties with Team Galactic, deciding to start her own Pokémon Trainer Journey alone.

Series synopsis

Volume Title Episodes First episode Last episode
1 The Adventure Begins 47 FL001 Nov 12, 2009 FL047 Aug 28, 2010
2 Best Wishes 55 BW001 Sep 06, 2010 BW055 Jul 22, 2011
3 Best Wishes: Emerging Powers 55 BW056 Aug 01, 2011 BW110 Jan 30, 2012
4 Best Wishes: Noble Victories 56 BW111 Feb 06, 2011 BW166 Aug 10, 2012
5 Best Wishes II 30 B2W2-001 Aug 20, 2012 B2W2-030 Nov 30, 2012
5 Best Wishes II: Plasma Freeze 30 B2W2-031 Dec 03, 2012 B2W2-060 Mar 15, 2013
7 World of Dreams 10 B2W2-061 Mar 25, 2013 B2W2-070 Apr 29, 2013
8 New Beginnings 19 SI001 Jul 19, 2013 SI019 Sep 20, 2013

The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins began with Alexis arriving in Unova's Castelia City following her journey in the Sevii Islands in order to return Zorua back to it's natural habitat. Following Zorua's return, Alexis decided to travel the Unova region.

Best Wishes, Best Wishes: Emerging Powers & Best Wishes: Noble Victories

Best Wishes saw Alexis depart on her Unova journey, battling the 8 Gym Leaders in order to secure her place to battle the Unova League. Along the way, Alexis captured a plethora of different Pokémon, including Oshawott and Axew, whom remained out of their Pokéballs throughout the journey. However, Alexis ends up running into Team Plasma and evil organisation who seem to have a grudge on Alexis. By the time she reached the Unova League, a heated battle between Alexis and her friends and Team Plasma resulted in the revelation that Ghetsis, the real leader of Team Plasma and N, the prince of Team Plasma were her father and brother respectively. However, in the climax, N flew away with the Kami duo meanwhile Ghetsis was arrested.

Best Wishes II & Best Wishes II: Plasma Freeze

Best Wishes 2 continued Alexis's journey two years following the initial incident with Team Plasma, returning to Unova after traveling. Due to the incident with Team Plasma, she never actually battled Alder the Champion and was forfeited from the League. Because of the length of time after the League, her Gym wins she won two years prior was void and therefore, Alexis decided that she would take on the Gym Leaders of Unova once again while rediscovering Unova two years on, including capturing more Pokémon, along with becoming acquainted by new friends. But she was met with many obstacles, including the return of Team Plasma under the leadership of Colress.

World of Dreams

World of Dreams followed, which saw Alexis arriving in the Dream World after agreeing to work with Doctor Fennel to find out the hidden secrets hidden within it. However, much more serious matters are uncovered when a mysterious Trainer turns up, and more trouble brews for Alexis.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings continued in the aftermath of Eevee & the Infinite Labirynth: Part I and Part II , with Alexis returning home to Sinnoh to focus on relaxing, recuperating and training with her many Pokémon. She was also visited by several friends, only and new, giving her many options to take for the next step in her journey.


Alexis & the Water Warrior

While heading off for a small trip on the Royal Unova to a tourist island off the Unova waters, Alexis and her friends are caught up in a heap of trouble when Team Plasma's Seven Sages arrive and commandeer the Royal Unova, looking for something. When a Mythical Pokémon is uncovered, all is clear as Team Plasma is once again trying to get their hands on something for their ultimate goal. Can Alexis and her friends stop them?

The Final Passage

The Final Passage

Eevee & the Infinite Labirynth: Part I

Eevee & the Infinite Labirynth: Part I

Eevee & the Infinite Labirynth: Part II

Eevee & the Infinite Labirynth: Part II


Through the series, Alexis was joined by diferent Trainers throughout her journey. These have joined her in order to explore the region, accomplish their goals and have company during their journey themselves.

Character 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Party changes


Captured Pokémon
Lexi Espeon
Trainer Lexi
Caught in FL001
Lexi Piplup
Trainer Lexi
Caught in FL001
Lexi Cyndaquil
Trainer Lexi
Caught in FL003
Lexi Pachirisu
Trainer Lexi
Caught in FL006
Lexi Buizel
Trainer Lexi
Caught in FL013
Lexi Shaymin
Trainer Lexi
Caught in FL019
Lexi Togetic
Trainer Lexi
Caught in FL022
Lexi Houndour
Trainer Lexi
Caught in FL027
Pichu Brothers
Lexi Pichu Brothers
Trainer Lexi
Caught in FL035
Lexi Poochyena
Trainer Lexi
Caught in FL041
Lexi Oshawott
Trainer Lexi
Caught in BW002
Lexi Axew
Trainer Lexi
Caught in BW008
Lexi Lillipup
Trainer Lexi
Caught in BW014
Lexi Cubchoo
Trainer Lexi
Caught in BW022
Lexi Blitzle
Trainer Lexi
Caught in BW025
Lexi Lampent
Trainer Lexi
Caught in Unknown
Lexi Petilil
Trainer Lexi
Caught in BW056
Lexi Zoroark
Trainer Lexi
Caught in BW063
Lexi Archeops
Trainer Lexi
Caught in BW077
Lexi Cofagrigus
Trainer Lexi
Caught in BW099
Lexi Victini
Trainer Lexi
Caught in BW134
Lexi Golurk
Trainer Lexi
Caught in BW153
Lexi Tepig
Trainer Lexi
Caught in M02
Lexi Shuppet
Trainer Lexi
Caught in Unknown
Lexi Elgyem
Trainer Lexi
Caught in Unknown
Lexi Smoochum
Trainer Lexi
Caught in Unknown
Lexi Shinx female
Trainer Lexi
Caught in Unknown
Lexi Buneary
Trainer Lexi
Caught in Unknown
Lexi Munchlax
Trainer Lexi
Caught in Unknown
Lexi Jolteon
Trainer Lexi
Caught in Unknown
Lexi Cubone
Trainer Lexi
Caught in Unknown
Lexi Seel
Trainer Lexi
Caught in Unknown
Lexi Growlithe
Trainer Lexi
Caught in Unknown
Lexi Solosis
Trainer Lexi
Caught in Unknown
Lexi Keldeo
Trainer Lexi
Caught in M02
Lexi Cherrim
Trainer Lexi
Caught in B2W2-005
Lexi Riolu
Trainer Lexi
Caught in B2W2-013
Lexi Teddiursa
Trainer Lexi
Caught in B2W2-016
Lexi Misdreavus
Trainer Lexi
Caught in B2W2-024
Lexi Deino
Trainer Lexi
Caught in B2W2-030
Lexi Ponyta
Trainer Lexi
Caught in B2W2-031
Lexi Mantyke
Trainer Lexi
Caught in B2W2-038
Lexi Rufflet
Trainer Lexi
Caught in B2W2-047
Lexi Fennekin
Trainer Lexi
Caught in SI016
Pokémon listed only as when first caught not including evolutions or departures.


Traded & Gifted Pokémon
Lexi Ampharos
Original Trainer None
Given/Traded in B2W2-056
Current Trainer Lexi


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