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22 Female
Laverre City
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Gym Leader
Type Speciality
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Valerie (Japanese: マーシュ Mache) is a Master Fairy-type Gym Leader from Kalos.


Valerie is a young girl that originally came from Johto. Intrigued by Fairy-types, she began dressing in mystical clothing, which resulted in her being discovered by a Modelling agency. Valerie then traveled the world as a supermodel, before settling in Kalos, which where Fairy-types roam in their millions. She eventually settled down in Laverre City, where she rested with her team of Fairy-type Pokémon. She decided to train with them, which ultimately resulted in her becoming the Laverre City Gym Leader. She works hard as a Gym Leader along with occasionally modelling in Kalos.

Xenial Destiny

Valerie met Lexi and Calem in Lumiose City in the PR Video Studio. Lexi and Calem were filming their promotional videos for their Elite Four Entries, however, they were stalled by Viola who was busy filming a multitude of videos for her modelling. Calem walked in angrily, but was shocked to find Valerie, and he also realized she was the same person he accidentally attacked previously in the street. Valerie forgave him, and decided to help them shoot their promotional videos. Lexi found out that Valerie was in fact the original trainer of Sylveon, and they became friends quickly. When revealing what they were doing in Kalos, Valerie seemed intrigued by them both, and their adventure. After an incident in the studio in which a man in an orange suit stole several pieces of clothing, Valerie suggested she join Lexi and Calem on traveling to Cyllage City, where the designer of the stolen clothes worked. They agreed and Valerie joined them.

Valerie appeared alongside Lexi and Calem throughout XY, offering a supporting hand during their training and battles, and she battled against Korrina in Geosenge Town.

In Invasion, Valerie left the group after she and Lexi battled in The Friendly Battle! Lexi vs. Valerie!, deciding to remain at her Gym. She appeared again after Calem came to the Laverre City Gym, in which she was beaten by him. She returned once more to help Lexi against Team Flare.

Valerie appeared once more in X vs. Y: Destruction as she helped Kalos against the Kalos War.


This listing is of Valerie's known Pokémon:

Mawile artwork Mawile is a Pokémon owned by Valerie. It was already on her team prior to journeying with Lexi. It's considered her 'ace' Pokémon, famed across Kalos.
Mr Mime
Mr Mime artwork Mr. Mime is a Pokémon owned by Valerie. It was already on her team prior to journeying with Lexi.
Sylveon artwork Sylveon is a Pokémon owned by Valerie.While she already owned it, Lexi acquired her after the incident with Ghetsis and traveled to Kalos with her, giving her back to Valerie when they met in Lumiose City.
Floette artwork Floette is a Pokémon owned by Valerie. It was already on her team prior to journeying with Lexi. It has a friendship with Lexi's Floette.
Carbink artwork Carbink is a Pokémon owned by Valerie. It was already on her team prior to journeying with Lexi.

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