Xenial Destiny series
Xenial Destiny: The Prelude Part II
Air date October 06, 2013 XD002 Season XY

Lexi packs all her things and puts them all away, before she sneaks out of her cabin into the hall once more. She steps into the hall and asks where the captains cabin is, saying she wants to speak to him. She's navigated to the end of the boat, and thanks the person, as they walk away. She knocks on the door, but there is no answer. She walks in, only to find the Captain bent over his desk, seemingly unconscious. She realizes their plan is already in motion, and quickly gets Sylveon to revive the Captain. He murmurs about something going on in the main deck, so she leaves Sylveon caring for the Captain and runs off with Fennekin.

Arriving at the main deck, she notices the group of Trainers are hitting and beating the other staff members. She heads up to the higher deck and quickly springs Fennekin into action; attacking all the people. Some fall overboard and others protect themselves, but Lexi and Fennekin manage to make them fall off board again. Alexis goes to let out Inkay, only to find out he's not there. She's confused. She helps the staff back to their feet and asks them if they're okay, and they say yes.

Thinking everything's okay, she heads back to her cabin, when a knock at the door informs her their is a party in the main hall. She thanks them, and get's changed.

As Lexi steps into the room, she realizes her Inkay is stood with two of the shady characters. She's then distracted by the Captain who grabs her shoulder before falling to the floor, and then a blast of fire bolts past her. Shocked, the whole room turns to see the previously cloaked characters, revealed to be a man and woman, wearing bright orange outfits. The two begin to speak to Alexis and ask her if she really believed they'd let her get away with destroying their plans. Alexis tells them she doesn't know who they are but to leave. But they tell her that they still have half the plan to execute. She tells them she won't allow them to "get rid" of her, in which they laugh. They then reveal that Inkay has done a good job at informing them of her. She is taken aback, before an attack is launched at her from the Inkay. The other passengers set into action, as more orange suited people file into the room. The members shout at a young Pokémon to fire it's attack. Some passengers file out the guests out of the room, while others continue to fight others. Lexi fights past some of the members, in which she falls to the ground and see's the Pokémon. It looks at her and she hears its cries to be freed. Lexi then notices one of the members drops a Pokéball, which she discovers is empty. She then see's Inkay battling, in which a member reveals to her that Inkay is an undercover agent, and that it has been gathering information from Lexi, as she was well known by members of Team Flare due to the incident with Ghetsis.

Angered by their words, Lexi slyly swaps the Pokéball of Inkay's with that of the young Pokémon. She then returns it to its Pokéball, before escaping from the room.

As she enters the hallway to her room, she finds the Captain being scolded by one of the members, who reveals herself to be Celosia. The Pokémon then lets itself out of it's Pokéball, and fires an attack at the Flare member. It begins to flee before uttering it's name as Litleo. The Litleo turns to Lexi and smiles. The two then head back into the main room, in which the Flare members gather and reveal that they will get her for this, and uttered to Lexi that they'd see her again very soon.

The members gone, Lexi helps recover the room and the ferry. Upon finishing and arriving at the port, the Captain tells Lexi she should head through Vaniville Town which will navigate her to Lumiose City and ultimately to Professor Sycamore.

Lexi thanks the Captain, before leaving into the sunset with Litleo, Sylveon and Fennekin.

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