Xenial Destiny: XY
Xenial Unmei: XY
ゼニカル運命: XY
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Episodes 45*
(XY001 - XY045)
Region(s) Kalos
Preceded by [[New Beginnings]]
Followed by [[Invasion]]
English XYZ
Japanese XYZ

Xenial Destiny: XY (Japanese: ゼニカル運命: XY Xenial Unmei: XY) is the first chapter of the Xenial Destiny series. The chapter surrounds Lexi as she arrives in Kalos before beginning her journey in the region being joined by new friends Calem and Valerie. The chapter then officially began on October 12, 2013 with Welcome to Kalos! A New Adventure Awaits! and finished with The Last Straw. A prelude two episode special aired on October 05, 2014 and October 06, 2014 titled Xenial Destiny: The Prelude Part I & Xenial Destiny: The Prelude Part II.



Alexis is traveling across the sea on a ferry as she closes in on the Kalos border. However, she finds herself in hot water when a shady group of Trainers are present on the boat. She investigates and finds out that they have a plan to take control of the boat, but she won't let that happen. After tricking them into failing in their plan however, they soon turn on her only to reveal that they had more than one motive - another to stop her from reaching Kalos.

Despite a tough battle, she takes down the trainers and her now former Pokémon Inkay - therefore halting their plans. Despite the fact the Team threaten her not to come to Kalos, she decides to continue with her plans to head to the region.


Lexi finally arrives in Vaniville Town and is met by four young Trainers, whom, along with Lexi, were hand selected to help Professor Sycamore while traveling around Kalos following their own dreams. She officially receives Fennekin and they begin their Pokémon Journey together.

Lexi is joined by Calem, a cocky, strength-hungry Trainer who wants to become the Champion of the Kalos region. He decided to travel alongside Lexi in order to improve himself and become a stronger Trainer but with humility. Also joining is Laverre City Gym Leader Valerie, a Master Fairy-type specialist who initially joined as they ventured to Cyllage City, but decided to join Lexi for a longer period of time in order to explore the Kalos region in more depth.

While travelling, the group were faced with an organization called Team Flare who continue to appear and cause havoc wherever they go. As the group continue to step in their way, they saw Lexi and her friends as a threat and try to get rid of them to complete their goal, which involves collecting and making money to make a more beautiful world.

Episode list

The Prelude to XY
Episode Code Information Air date
XD001 Xenial Destiny: The Prelude Part I October 05, 2013
XD002 Xenial Destiny: The Prelude Part II October 06, 2013
This concludes The Prelude to XY.

Episode Code Information Air date
XY001 Welcome to Kalos! A New Adventure Awaits! October 12, 2013
XY002 Aquacorde's Little Threat! October 16, 2013
XY003 Santalune Forest's Infestation! October 19, 2013
XY004 The Santalune Sisters! Lexi vs. Alexa! October 23, 2013
XY005 Click, Flash! Lexi's Bug Battle! October 26, 2013
XY006 Calem's Bonding Storm! October 30, 2013
XY007 The Lumiose City Bully! November 02, 2013
XY008 A Beautiful Battle! Sycamore vs. Calem November 06, 2013
XY009 The Fiery Meeting! November 09, 2013
XY010 PR Videos that Glitter! November 13, 2013
XY011 Versant Road's Dance Off! Lexi vs. Tierno! November 16, 2013
XY012 Camphrier Town & the Sleeping Giant! November 20, 2013
XY013 The Furfrou Hunt of Parfum Palace! November 23, 2013
XY014 Parfum Palace's Hidden Secret! November 27, 2013
XY015 The Battle Chateau! November 30, 2013
XY016 The Riverside Rematch! Tierno & Trevor! December 04, 2013
XY017 The Suspicious Professor! December 07, 2013
Lexi and her friends attempt to find Lexi a new team member while heading to Ambrette Town, meanwhile Professor Sycamore has a coffee meeting with Lysandre over his suspicions towards the mysterious people in Lumiose City.
XY018 Calem's Rocky Ride! December 11, 2013
Just arriving in Ambrette Town, the group are asked to traverse a rocky route on Rhyhorn to enter Glittering Cave & find a misssing Professor. Because of this Calem is forced to reveal a secret that could make the task harder than originally planned.
XY019 Glittering Cave's Fiery Trespassers! December 14, 2013
The group find the Professor being held hostage by an organization called Team Flare. The group are faced with the task of saving the Professor meanwhile discovering how Team Flare knew who they were and when they were coming.
XY020 The Restoration Investigation! December 18, 2013
Lexi and Calem head to the Ambrette Fossil Lab to restore the fossils they received the day before, but as always, the task isn't as easy as expected and the group have to try and catch their newly Restored Pokémon who are behaving erratically.
XY021 The Aquarium Delirium! December 21, 2013
The group enter the local Aquarium when they are met with a bunch of rogue Water Pokémon, but why are they rogue and who made them that way?
XY022 Muraille Coast's Hidden Treasure! December 28, 2013
Professor Sycamore meets the group on the beach side of Muraille Coast and asks them to help him find a mysterious stone, but it's not so easy when it seems a bunch of pirates are trying to do the same.
XY023 Cyllage City! Valerie's Decision! January 04, 2014
The group finally reach Cyllage City, and so Valerie's destination is met and she leaves the group. But after the duo head off towards the Cyllage City Gym, Valerie is attacked.
XY024 The Cyllage Rhyhorn Race! January 08, 2014
The group head to the Gym only to find out the Gym Leader is taking part in a Rhyhorn Race. The Gym Leader suggests they take part and if they beat him he will give them a Gym Badge. But will Calem and Lexi be successful in placing higher than him?
XY025 The Rocky Road! Lexi vs. Grant! January 11, 2014
After being unsuccessful in the Rhyhorn Race, Lexi and Grant decide to take part in Lexi's second Kalos Gym battle.
XY026 Menhir Trail's Stylish Guest! January 15, 2014
Heading towards Geosenge Town, the group are once again faced with Team Flare, who plan to keep the group from heading any further on their journey after foiling their plans in Glittering Cave.
XY027 A Brutal Battle! Valerie vs. Korrina! January 18, 2014
Korrina turns up in Geosenge Town and asks the group to meet in Shalour City, but not before she and Valerie decide to partake in a battle of two Gym Leaders.
XY028 The Burning Reflection! January 22, 2014
The group head through Reflecting Cave in order to meet Korrina in Shalour City, but not before they find themselves lost between the mirrors IN Reflection Cave. But it's Team Flare that trying to stop the group from continuing their journey permanently.
XY029 Lexi's Little Fighter January 25, 2014
Now in Shalour City, Lexi decides to train, but it's not long before they are interrupted by a group of wild Pancham who take on willing Trainers to test their strength.
XY030 The Tower of Mastery! January 29, 2014
Professor Sycamore meets the group and they head straight for the Tower of Mastery, where they, along with their other friends, discover the full details and secrets of Mega Evolution.
XY031 The Mega Wielder Battle! Lexi vs. Calem! February 01, 2014
The battle to become the next Mega Successor is underway when Lexi and Calem decide to battle for the position only one of them can fill.
XY032 A Fistful of Korrina! Lexi vs. Korrina! February 05, 2014
Korrina decides to test Lexi's strength by taking part in a Gym Battle with her, where Lexi hopes to win a Gym Battle and secure her position as a future Mega Master.
XY033 Calem's Mega Opportunity! February 08, 2014
hile Lexi and Valerie head to the local Boutique, Calem decides to return to the Tower of Mastery to battle Korrina for a second chance, but with no chance of becoming a Mega Master, what will their battle result in?
XY034 The Sycamore Stone! February 12, 2014
Professor Sycamore meets the group in Shalour City where he presents Lexi with the stone from Muraille Coast, revealing it's a Mega Stone destined to Mega Evolve one of Lexi's Pokémon. But will the Pokémon react well to the new power it will receive?
XY035 Go-Go Skiddo! February 15, 2014
When the group arrive at the Skiddo Ranch, Calem's Skiddo is excited and decides he wants to evolve. But when it does so, it finds its new strength and size difficult, and it's up to Calem to help his newly evolved Gogoat mould into its new body.
XY036 Stranded on Azure Bay February 19, 2014
After sailing towards Coumarine City, a storm gets the group stranded in Azure Bay. With repairs taking a few hours, the group head into a cave and discover more than they bargained for.
XY037 Fiery Feelings! February 22, 2014
The group arrive in Coumarine City where Lysandre meets the group, in which Calem confides in him about the feelings he's had while travelling with Lexi.
XY038 The Bushy Battle! Lexi vs. Ramos! February 26, 2014
Lexi takes on Ramos at the Coumarine Gym
XY039 The Bush of Fire! Calem vs. Ramos! March 01, 2014
Calem takes on Ramos at the Coumarine Gym but with a shocking new battling style and a brand new team, but where did it come from?
XY040 A Desert Detour! March 05, 2014
The group take a detour through the Kalos Power Plant, where they are met with a familiar threat when a Team Flare Grunt ventures through the desert alone.
XY041 Creeping into the Flames March 08, 2014
The group venture into Team Flare's Hideout wanting answers and wanting to stop Team Flare, but when Team Flare Scientist Aliana turns up, what will occur?
XY042 An Unusual Savior! March 12, 2014
When the group are saved from the desert by an unusual man, more questions are asked than answered when it turns out the man is someone that no one expected to see.
XY043 The Lumiose Light-up! March 15, 2014
The group return to Lumiose City where Shauna turns up and suggests they head to Prism Tower to see it being lit up. When they do, Shauna introduces them to someone of interest.
XY044 The Prism Tower Battle! Lexi vs. Clemont! March 19, 2014
Lexi takes on her fifth Gym Battle in Kalos, and when the battle becomes tense, one of Lexi's Pokémon has to make a decision for it's future.
XY045 The Last Straw March 22, 2014
The group fill in Professor Sycamore the details they received from the mysterious giant, before heading to Lysandre Café. While there, Calem reflects on the things Aliana spoke to him about in the desert. But when Calem takes a comment made by

Lexi the wrong way, he bursts with anger which results in a decision which may brake the bond between friends. But will the path of friends head in the same or different directions?

This concludes Chapter 1.

Important events

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  • Lexi arrives in Vaniville Town and is surprised to see Hayley has moved to Kalos to open a Daycare.
  • Lexi receives her Pokédex from Trevor on behalf of Professor Sycamore and receives her Kalos Starter Pokémon Fennekin and sets off on her adventure.
  • Lexi and Calem battle Journalist-Alexa and her sister Gym Leader Viola and win in Santalune City. Viola demands a rematch.
  • Lexi battled Viola for her first Gym Badge and wins, with Calem also receiving a Badge for their previous fight.
  • Calem asks to join Lexi on her adventure and she accepts, and the two head to Lumiose City together.
  • Calem captures a Skiddo in a storm.
  • Lexi and Calem take down and help a group of Meowstic and Espurr, before capturing a Meowstic duo called Artemis and Luna.
  • Lexi and Calem meet Valerie while shooting a commercial and after an encounter with a man in an orange suit, Valerie joins them on their adventure.
  • Lexi, Calem and Valerie with the help of Shauna discover a mysterious stone in the Parfum Palace library.
  • Professor Sycamore confides in Lysandre with his theories about the mysterious threat going around Lumiose City.
  • Lexi captures Floette on the outskirts of Ambrette Town.
  • Calem resolves his fear of riding Rhyhorn and captures his own.
  • Team Flare are introduced in Glittering Cave.
  • Lexi and Calem restore Jaw and Sail Fossils, obtaining Tyrunt and Amaura respectively.
  • Valerie leaves the group, but after being attacked by Team Flare, rejoins the team.
  • Lexi and Calem take part in a Rhyhorn Race finishing ninth and fourth respectively, resulting in Grant giving Calem a Gym Badge.
  • Lexi takes part in her second Gym Battle against Cyllage City's Grant and wins.
  • Korrina and Valerie battle together in Geosenge Town with the battle resulting in a draw.
  • The group head through Reflection Cave and are almost killed by a large blaze, but are saved when Litleo evolves into Pyroar and helps them escape.
  • Lexi captures a Pancham.
  • Lexi and her friends learn the truth about Mega Evolution and learn that one of them can become the Mega Successor of Korrina.
  • Lexi and Calem battle to become the Mega Successor and Lexi wins, with Korrina deciding to test Lexi's strength with a Gym Battle.
  • Calem battles Korrina and looses, but is given her Lucario whom seems attatched to him.
  • Lexi brings back Lucario and gives it a Lucarionite to hold to encourage Mega Evolution.
  • Calem's Skiddo evolves into Gogoat.
  • Lexi acquires all the evolution stones in Azure Bay.
  • Lexi battles Ramos at the Coumarine Gym and wins her fourth Gym Badge.
  • Calem and Ramos battle at the Coumarine Gym and draw, with Ramos giving Calem a Gym Badge.
  • The group head into the Kalos desert and meet Team Flare once again.
  • Lexi, Calem and Valerie take on Team Flare's Aliana and destroy their power source.
  • The group are saved in the desert by a mysterious giant in the desert who has a connection to the Kalosian King.
  • Lexi takes on Clemont and wins her fifth Gym battle.
    • During the battle, Helioptile evolves into Heliolisk.
  • Angry at Lexi, Calem leaves the group and joins alliances with Lysandre and Team Flare.

Party changes


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