Xenial Destiny series
Welcome to Kalos! A New Adventure Awaits!
Air date October 12, 2013 XY001 Season XY

Lexi finally arrives in Kalos, tired, holding a map in her right hand. She falls to the ground, tired, shortly before a bird steals the map from her hand. Startled, she jumps to her feet, before the bird swoops back past her onto the shoulder of a woman. As Lexi turns around, she realizes who the woman is; it's her sister, Hayley.

Surprised, Hayley reveals to Lexi that she decided to move to Kalos with her boyfriend, and Lexi's decision to travel in Kalos only cemented her plans. She reveals that she's focusing on moving into Vaniville Town before venturing into the Daycare business; opening a Daycare in Kalos.

After spending some more time with her sister, Lexi leaves before bumping into a young teenage boy and girl. They introduce themselves as Calem and Shauna, neighbors of Hayley's. They reveal that they were informed of Lexi's arrival in Kalos by Professor Sycamore, whom had requested to see her, along with them. They reveal that they are meeting with two other teenagers in Aquacorde Town. After a scenic walk through Vaniville Pathway, the trio arrive in the town, meeting Tierno and Trevor. Being already acquainted with Tierno, Lexi and he greet each other warmly, before sitting down with the others. Tierno first hands Lexi Fennekin's Pokéball, revealing that he had been given it to give to Lexi upon her arrival. Trevor also handed Lexi a Pokédex, which Sycamore had also sent for her, introducing himself shyly to her. Lexi also witnesses Calem receiving a Froakie, while Shauna is given a Chespin. Shauna, excited with her Pokémon, requests a battle between Fennekin and Chespin, which ends quickly with Chespin's defeat.

The group laugh together at the quick battle and the group head to the local Pokémon Center. While there, the group contacts Professor Sycamore, and he tells them to travel to Lumiose City and be there in a few days, spending sometime enjoying Kalos before they arrive. He also tells Lexi that he's found Sylveon's owner, and for her to give Sylveon back to him. Lexi happily agrees, and tells Sylveon she's enjoyed spending time with her, and that she hopes they meet again. The two hug, before Lexi sends Sylveon to Sycamore. After finishing at the PokéCenter, the group begin setting off and they all come to the subject of their plans. Lexi reveals she wants to head to the next town to battle the Gym Leader, which Calem repeats as his plan. Shauna then comes up with the idea of them all heading to the next town together, revealing they need to go through Santalune Forest first to arrive there.

In that moment, however, the power goes out in Aquacorde Town, with a young woman screaming as she runs out of her store. She reveals there is a Pokémon inside which stole the electricity from her building. Intrigued, the five of them go into the store to see the Pokémon. As they arrive inside, Lexi notices a yellow Pokémon, which reveals itself to be a Helioptile.

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