Xenial Destiny series
Aquacorde's Little Threat!
Air date October 16, 2013 XY002 Season XY

The power goes out in Aquacorde Town, with a young woman screaming as she runs out of her store. She reveals there is a Pokémon inside which stole the electricity from her building. Intrigued, the five of them go into the store to see the Pokémon. As they arrive inside, Lexi notices a yellow Pokémon, which reveals itself to be a Helioptile.

The Helioptile, shocked at the people, darts around the room before dodging past the group and escapes outside. The room fills back up with electricity, and the group run outside to recover the Pokémon. As they do, they notice that the Pokémon runs into a large boutique. As the group run inside the boutique, they split up to recover the Pokémon, in order for it not to cause any more disturbances in the Town.

Tierno and Trevor get on the Pokémon's tail, before falling over a pile of clothes. Calem then corners the Pokémon, before it dodges under his legs, making Calem fall onto the wall and bump his head. It then gets captured by Shauna in her hands, before it uses Thunderbolt and shocks Shauna to release her grip, it then darts outside. Just as it reaches the door, Fennekin fires an attack towards it, however, being to quick, the move misses the Helioptile and hits an already dazed Calem, sending him to the floor. Noticing this, Lexi runs after it, but when she ends outside, it's nowhere to be seen. Thinking she's lost it, she walks back, before hearing a faint cry. She looks up, and the Helioptile is hanging on the end of the building, struggling to pull itself up. Realizing this, she darts through the store up onto the roof, where she quickly reaches the Helioptile. The Pokémon's grip loosens as it begins to fall, but Lexi is quick enough to catch it, before pulling it up onto the top of the building. Shaken up, Lexi cradles it in her arms, before walking downstairs and out into the street.

Now calmed down, the others run out to Lexi realizing she captured the Pokémon. The store owner walks out too, and thanks Lexi for getting the Pokémon. She reveals that the Helioptile comes into the town regularly and unfortunately takes the power from stores. She says that she believes the Pokémon is alone and is just trying to conserve and collect energy from the electricity in the stores. Feeling sorry for the Pokémon, Lexi hands it some food, and Fennekin cheers it on to eat the food. Hesitantly, the Helioptile takes the food, before leaping from Lexi's lap. It looks at Lexi, before darting off down the street. Thinking they've lost is, the group head to the PokéMart and stock up on items, before heading towards Santalune Forest. Just before they leave the Town, the Helioptile turns up and smiles at Lexi. Trevor suggests that the Helioptile has returned as it has bonded with Lexi, and that it may want to join her. Seeming to understand Trevor, it agrees, and coaxes Lexi to capture it. Lexi throws a Pokéball, and the Helioptile is captured. Just as she puts the Pokéball into her bag, the Helioptile releases itself and pouches itself in Lexi's bag, popping it's head into the air. Tierno then suggests that possibly, like Fennekin, the Helioptile doesn't like to be in a Pokéball, with Lexi decides to allow it to remain outside of it's Pokéball.

The group, now ready, head out for Santalune Forest.

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