Xenial Destiny series
Santalune Forest's Infestation!
Air date October 19, 2013 XY003 Season XY

With Helioptile and Fennekin walking with her, Lexi heads into Santalune Forest, alongside Shauna, Tierno, Trevor and Calem.

As the group enter, they notice several different ways to venture through the forest; so Shauna suggests they split up and see which group can get to the other side the quickest. Shauna and Lexi head one way, Calem another, with Trevor and Tierno taking the final passage. Set on their way, Shauna talks about how she met the guys. She reveals she met Trevor and Tierno in school, while Calem moved in next to Shauna a few months before from Hoenn. The group decided they would go on their own Pokémon adventures once they'd finished school. Trevor would go on to receive a Pokédex and work for Professor Sycamore, filling up his Pokédex and meet all kinds of Pokémon from all over the world. Tierno was interested in dance; and wanted to make an ultimate team of Dancing Pokémon. Calem wanted to take on all the Gym's in Kalos, then return to Hoenn to take on its. Shauna however revealed she's having a hard time of deciding on what to do, so wanted to go out and explore the world in order to find her passion.

The two girls realize they've made it to the other end of the forest, where Calem stands waiting for them. He reveals he's been waiting for a few minutes. The three sit there for a few minutes, before they grow tired of waiting. Calem shouts into the forest, but nothing is heard. Shauna worries that they might be lost, and that they should head into the forest again to find them. Both Calem and Lexi agree, and the three set back into the forest. They reach a ledge, which, at the opposite end, they notice Trevor. They shout over, but Trevor doesn't respond. Calem then notices that Tierno is tied to a tree by what appears to be white rope. Worried, Lexi tells Fennekin to cast an attack at the trees in a hope that the branches will create a small bridge. They do so, and the trio carefully cross the ledge. As they get closer to Trevor and Tierno, they realized they are tied with webs, that of bugs. Realizing what was happening, the trio turn to see a horde of bug's. Scared, Lexi and Calem fire attacks at the bugs, while Shauna, with the help of her Chespin, free Trevor and Tierno. Thinking he's a superior Trainer, Calem takes control of the situation, and becomes cocky while commanding his Froakie to fire attacks. It results in him himself becoming caught in a web. Lexi then helps out, sending the Bug-types away, with Calem looking on impressed.

Finally free, the group leave Santalune Forest, arriving on the outskirts of Santalune City. The group decide to head on their own ways. Lexi reveals she's going to head on and take on the Gym in Santalune City, with Calem and Shauna deciding to join her, with the former deciding to take on the Gym himself. Now set, the group go their seperate ways, with Shauna, Lexi and Calem heading for Santalune City.

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