Xenial Destiny series
The Santalune Sisters! Lexi vs. Alexa!
Air date October 23, 2013 XY004 Season XY

Making there way into Santalune City, Shauna is excited to see the city, with Calem suggesting they head to the Santalune Gym straight away. Overhearing this, a young women turns and asks them if they were planning on taking on Viola, the cities Gym Leader. The woman introduces herself as Alexa, a Lumiose City Journalist and the older sister of Viola. Calem confirms they want to battle her, with Alexa revealing that she will take them to see her at their home, where Viola currently is.

The group arrive at Alexa's home, where Viola is seeing to the gardens. Viola greets the group warmly, but as Calem goes to suggest they battle, she interrupts him and refuses to battle with them during her day off. Shocked, Alexa interrupts them and suggests that maybe she, battles them in a tag-team battle, Calem and Lexi against Alexa and Viola. Angered that her sister offered her into a battle, Viola initially refuses again, before Alexa is able to talk her around to it. Lexi accepts, suggesting it will be a good warm-up for an actual battle between the two at a later time.

With Shauna as the Judge, the battle goes underway.

Starting with Calem and Viola, Calem sends out Froakie, while Viola sends out Surskit. The battle begins on a fast pace, with attacks flying from both sides quickly. Just three turns in, Viola tags out and Alexa sends out a Skiddo, which is followed by Calem tagging out and Lexi sending out Fennekin into the battlefield. Lexi finds this battle moderately easy, taking down Skiddo with Fennekin's fire attacks easily. Alexa tags out and Viola returns with Surskit. Lexi remains on the battlefield, with Fennekin dodging around the field. Boasting speed however, Surskit is able to intercept the attacks sent, and lands a successful hit on Fennekin. Lexi then tags out again, with Calem returning with Froakie. The battle becomes fast paced once again, with Surskit taking off with several successful hits. A wrong swipe results in Surskit however, fainting, after a big atttack by Froakie.

Lexi and Calem celebrate their win, while Alexa looks on happy with herself. Viola throws a strop however, and demands that they go to the Santalune Gym and battle. Lexi agrees, with Alexa revealing she will drive them back to the Santalune Gym.

Ready for the Gym battle, all the group head out to the car. Lexi pulls Alexa aside and reveals she knew that she threw the battle in order to get Viola back to the gym, in which Alexa laughs and winks at Lexi, before they head out in the car and on their way back to the Santalune Gym.

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