Xenial Destiny series
Click, Flash! Lexi's Bug Battle!
Air date October 26, 2013 XY005 Season XY

Lexi and her friends, alongside Alexa and Gym Leader Viola arrive back at the Santalune Gym. Ready for her battle, Viola enters the Gym hastily while waving a quick goodbye to her sister.

The others trail behind her, as they enter the Gym's entrance; Alexa shows Calem and Shauna the audience entrance, and shows Lexi to the challengers door. Calem and Shauna give words of encouragement towards Lexi, as she looks on confident ready for her battle.

Lexi enters to the Gym's battlefield, and is shocked to see a large spider web! Alexa shouts from the audience box and tells her she must navigate round the correct web in order to arrive to battle Viola. As she finishes her sentence, the shutters close on them and Lexi is stood in the room; alone.

She quickly begins to navigate her way around the Spider web, eying the web as she walks to notice any unstable webs. However, a moment unfocused results in Lexi falling off the web, hanging on with just a few fingers. Her bag begins to slip, in which Helioptile pops his head out. Knowing her bag could fall to the ground, Lexi quickly commands Helioptile to run onto her other shoulder, and doing so, Fennekin runs down her arm and grabs the bag in her mouth. Lexi then carefully pulls herself back onto the web, with Helioptile and Fennekin jumping off Lexi's shoulder onto the web. The two then use their instincts to navigate through the web, before the three arrive onto the battlefield.

Now, in a room filled with plants, trees and bugs, Viola stands ready to battle Lexi with Shauna, Calem and Alexa look on from the audience. She asks Lexi if she's ready to battle; in which Lexi replies yes, and the two stand ready on the battlefield.

Lexi asks Fennekin to battle, in which Fennekin runs fiercely onto the field. Viola then puts her hand towards a tree, and asks a Scatterbug to come battle, before placing onto the battlefield. The battle then begins.

Round 1 - Fennekin vs. Scatterbug

Lexi begins with a quick Ember, with Scatterbug countering with Tackle. Fennekin is hit, but goes straight into a Scratch, with Scatterbug countering it once again with String Shot, breaking the momentum of the Scratch, yet still being hit. Lexi then commands Fennekin to fire an Ember at the string made by Scatterbug, before quickly going in with a second Ember, hitting Scatterbug directly. Viola quickly counters with Bug Bite, but Lexi is just too fast, with Fennekin following straight up with Flame Charge, ultimately fainting Scatterbug.

Round 2 - Helioptile vs. Surskit

After Fennekin's win, Lexi calls it back, with Helioptile taking its place on the field. Viola then calls into a pond, with a Surskit flowing over the pond onto the battlefield.

Calem notes that Helioptile should be victorious in the battle, with it's superior typing over Surskit. However, Alexa notes that Viola's training and Surskit's movepool will leave a tougher battle than Calem expects.

Surskit begins with a Quick Attack, with a small hit on Helioptile, with Helioptile following up with a Pound. Surskit comes back with Bubble, hitting Helioptile once again. Helioptile then uses Charge, however Surskit is able to dodge it quickly, before following up with a second Quick Attack. Helioptile quickly comes back with a Thunder Shock, with Surskit dodging it a little, minimizing the attacks power. Surskit returns with Bubble once more, hitting Helioptile directly, hurting him badly. Not giving up, Helioptile fires back Thunder Shock, but Surskit is just too fast and dodges the move once more. Worried for Helioptile, Lexi quickly commands him to use Charge. Although Surskit moves quickly once again, he's able to hit. Finding her shot, Lexi returns with another Pound, and as Viola goes to fire another attack, Helioptile uses Thunder Shock once more; ultimately fainting Surskit.

Round 3 - Litleo vs. Vivillon

After two successful wins, Viola snaps an image and throws it onto the battlefield, before calling her Vivillon to the field. Seeing that both Fennekin and Helioptile are tired, Lexi uses Litleo. Calem looks on worried, as he knows Lexi has had little time to train with Litleo, meanwhile Shauna is confident that Lexi and Litleo will be able to take on Vivillon.

The battle begins and Viola hits hard with Vivillon; instantly beginning with Struggly Bug and following up quickly with Tackle before Litleo even has a chance to move, hitting him instantly. Litleo turns it around and hits with a Headbutt, hitting Vivillon. Viola doesn't allow this to stop her and commands Vivillon to use Infestation. The move sends tiny insects crawling all over Litleo. Scared, Litleo cowers a little, with Lexi watching on worried. Viola continues with another Tackle/Struggle Bug combo, which hit hard. Lexi shouts words of encouragement to Litleo, but his fright gets too much and he is unable to hear Lexi's commands. Viola continues with her attacks with Vivillon, which continue to take on Litleo. Becoming frustrated, Lexi goes to shout at the top of her lungs, but instead, she focuses herself and uses her Fire-type wielding to exterminate the bugs from Litleo's fur, freeing it from it's fear. Lexi looks on happy, and instantly commands him to fire an Ember towards Vivillon. The attack hits its wing, with it plunging to the floor. Litleo and Lexi continue with the attacks, before Vivillon faints.

The battle ends, and Litleo runs into Lexi's arms, as the two, along with Fennekin and Helioptile bathe in their victory. Calem, Shauna and Alexa come on the battlefield, and Viola walks to Lexi and congratulates her on her win. Viola then hands Lexi the Bug Badge, before turning to Calem, who excitedly asks to battle her. However, Viola refuses, and hands Calem a Bug Badge. She reveals that Calem had already beaten her in the tag battle, and jokingly mentions that she is too tired to continue battling today. Calem is dissapointed, but accepts anyway. Shauna congratulates the two of them, and they all leave the Gym.

Alexa and Viola thank Lexi, Shauna and Calem for their company, and say goodbye to them and wave them goodbye.

As the three walk towards the end of Santalune City, Shauna turns and reveals that she is going to stay here for a while. Shauna suggests that Calem is doing the same, in which he hesitantly agrees. The three then go their separate ways.

As Lexi walks out of Santalune City, she is stopped by Calem, who caught up to her after they went their separate ways. He asks Lexi if she would mind if he joins her, jokingly saying that he wants to keep tabs on her as she takes on the gyms. Lexi laughs, and accepts. The two then head out of Santalune City together.

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