Xenial Destiny series
Calem's Bonding Storm!
Air date October 30, 2013 XY006 Season XY

Now together with Calem, he and Lexi head down Parterre Way after deciding to join together on their journey. While walking, Calem watches on as Lexi pets Fennekin and Helioptile; and reveals to her that he's jealous of the friendship they already have. Lexi questions his relationship with Froakie, which he reveals that he and Froakie are friends but it likes to spend time in its Pokéball when not battling, therefore doesn't have the same connection as Lexi and members of her team do. Lexi suggests that maybe he captures another Pokémon that prefers to live outside its Pokéball.

Calem agrees with Lexi and the duo decide to look for a new Pokémon for Calem to capture. As they search, Lexi realizes that Calem is picky when it comes to Pokémon, and doesn't choose any old Pokémon to join him.

The two separately search around, with every Pokémon Lexi finds Calem dislikes. Lexi gets tired of looking after a while, and decides to leave Calem to it, while training with Litleo, Fennekin and Helioptile.

Calem heads further into Parterre Way, looking in every bush and tree for a Pokémon he likes. The day turns to night, and Calem becomes disheartened when he hasn't found any Pokémon he wants to join him. He decides to head back, but the rain begins to pour and he realizes it's going to take him a few hours to get back. He phones Lexi and she asks him where he is, and when he tells her, she reveals she's staying at a local inn and will wait for him to comeback. As he hangs up the phone, the weather becomes worse, and Calem wonders if he'll be able to get back safely.

As he begins to walk, the winds pick up, and the weather becomes horrid and strong, and Calem begins to cower in the wind. He sees a cave indent at the side of the road, and decides to stay there until the winds die down, but as he does, a tree branch begins to fall. Calem falls to the floor to cover himself, but the branch never hit him, and he opens his eyes to see a Pokémon holding the branch up. Calem quickly gets up and takes the branch off the Pokémon, and carries it into the cave. He thanks the Pokémon, and the Pokémon smiles at him. Calem takes off his jacket and covers the Pokémon and the two huddle together and fall asleep. Moments later, Calem wakes up a little later and see's a blurry figure, before falling back to sleep.

Calem wakes the following morning in a bed, with the small Pokémon on the bed next to him. Fennekin, Helioptile, Litleo and Lexi walk in to the room and ask Calem if he's okay. He asks what happened, and Lexi reveals that she got worried and they headed out to find him, and luckily they found him with the Pokémon and brought him back. Calem thanks her, and Lexi says she'll go and get him some breakfast.

As she leaves the room, the Pokémon wakes up and smiles at Calem; he grabs his Pokédex and discover that it's a Skiddo. Calem thanks Skiddo again, and the two leave the room. The group eats breakfast, and Lexi asks Calem about what happened. Calem relays the story, and Lexi reveals she thinks that maybe Calem should capture the Skiddo. After breakfast, the Skiddo begins to leave quietly, before Calem stops it. He asks it if it would like to join him on his journey, and the Skiddo agrees happily. Lexi walks out of the inn, and hands Calem his bag. He then takes out a Pokéball and captures the Skiddo, with it instantly leaving it's Pokéball. Calem asks it if it would like to remain outside it's Pokéball with them, and it happily agrees. As the group begins to set off, they are stopped by two people who introduce themselves as Dexio and Sina; Professor Sycamore's assistants. They reveal that they came to bring the two to Lumiose City, where Professor Sycamore was waiting for them. Now equipped with Skiddo, the group walks along with the two assistants, heading towards Lumiose City.

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