Xenial Destiny series
The Lumiose City Bully!
Air date November 02, 2013 XY007 Season XY

Lexi and Calem, led by Dexio and Sina arrive in Lumiose City for the first time. As they arrive, Lexi and Calem are stunned by the busy streets filled with numerous people and Pokémon; Carrying coffee cups, shopping bags and talking on their mobiles. Calem and Lexi become excited, and begin to run down the streets mesmerized by all the sites and people around. Dexio and Sina catch up to the pair and they tell them that the lab is just up ahead, and that they will both catch the two Trainers up. As the two begin to run once more, the two explore the shops they walk by, however, just as the two are about to arrive at the Lab, before Calem notices two Trainers down a dark alley; with one being bullied by the other.

Calem rushes down the alley and tells the unknown bully to leave the other alone. Lexi runs down the street, and as she does, the bully falls to the floor, seemingly unconscious. Calem angrily suggests they leave him, while Lexi helps the bully up and suggests they head to the PokéCenter. After the Nurse sees to the man, she comes out to Lexi and Calem and reveals that the man seems to have no idea of where he was or what he did in the alley, and that this is one of many events that have happened in the last few days. She reveals that people seem to be targeting others with food and bullying them into giving it up, however, when they are found, they have no recollection of it. She suggests maybe there is a Pokémon at work. Lexi suggests that maybe they try to lure out the Pokémon, by staging an attack. Lexi reveals she will walk down a dark alley with bags full of food and see if she is attacked, then have Calem and her Pokémon try to see if there are any Pokémon around and investigate. Calem agrees, and the two set the plan into motion.

Lexi does as she said and walks down a dark alley with food, and suddenly, a man walks from the other side of the alley and boisterously walks up to Lexi. Up on the roof, Calem along with Fennekin, Helioptile, Litleo, Froakie and Skiddo look around to see if there are any Pokémon. Its Fennekin that notices a Pokémon along the opposite roof hidden, and quickly jumps into action. The Pokémon notices that Fennekin is coming and begins to run away. The man below falls to the ground, and Calem helps him up, while telling Lexi to go after Fennekin. Lexi runs through the streets while watching Fennekin running along the roofs, and she shouts attack commands to her as she runs. The Pokémon then jumps down to the path, and Fennekin jumps with Lexi catching her, while still running, hot on the tail of the Pokémon, before a sudden attack is fired from across the road, and the Pokémon is too far in front. However, Lexi notices that it heads down a side street, and she creeps towards the street, slightly peaking her head.

As she peaks her head, she's shocked to see the Pokémon delivering food to a whole bunch of other Pokémon. She realizes that the Pokémon must be stealing food through people to feed the other Pokémon. Calem catches up to Lexi and she clues him in on the events she's uncovered, revealing that she believes the Pokémon are using Psychic-type powers to manipulate people. Calem reacts angrily, however, Lexi decides to hatch a plan to help them and in turn help the inhabitants of Lumiose City.

Lexi once again sets out the same event as before, but this time with Calem in the victim position. The events once again occur as before, but this time, Lexi is able to notice the Pokémon hiding, and quickly runs into action. Lexi notices the power and follows it to find two twin Pokémon Meowstic, revealing that they are only helping out their own kind, and mean no harm to the people they attack. She confronts them and they go to attack, but she stops them. Lexi asks them why they've never just asked for help or escaped to the wild, but they reveal that due to the busy nature of Lumiose City they are never able to escape from it.

Lexi suggests that she helps them all escape to the wild, and they never return to Lumiose City; They both agree.

Lexi and Calem are able to successfully transport the group of Pokémon out of Lumiose City, and the group all scatter into the wild happily.

Happy for helping, Lexi thanks Calem for helping her, and calls him a great friend, which he laughs happily at. Just as they are about to leave, the Meowstic Twins jump in front of Lexi. Lexi asks them whats wrong and they tell her that they are really thankful of what they did for those Pokémon, and that they've noticed she really cares for her Pokémon. They reveal they want to join Lexi on her journey to become stronger so they can defend themselves and work on becoming better Pokémon.

Meanwhile, Lexi happily agrees to the Meowstic Twins request, and pulls out two Pokéballs. The two Meowstic however reveal that they don't need two Pokéballs, as they have a special bond which intertwines each other as one. Lexi then throws the Pokéball and captures the Meowstic. Lexi is excited and happy, but is brought down to Earth as Dexio and Sina scold the two as Professor Sycamore is waiting for them.

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