Xenial Destiny series
A Beautiful Battle! Sycamore vs. Calem
Air date November 06, 2013 XY008 Season XY

Lexi and Calem walk into the Sycamore Pokémon Lab alongside Sina and Dexio, in which they all head to the elevator and travel to the third floor. Upon arrival, Lexi and Calem are met by Professor Sycamore.

Professor Sycamore thanks them for their patience and coming to meet him in Lumiose City. He reveals he has of course heard a lot about Lexi, and also about heard a lot about Calem from his mother, who is a famous Rhyhorn Racer. Lexi is surprised by Calem's mother, and questions him on why he's never told her about his mother, and he snaps back saying that he's sure there are things she doesn't tell him. Just as she is about to speak, Shauna runs into the lab, and apologies for being late. Sycamore is happy to see Shauna and gathers all three to the second part of his room, laughs, and commands them all to battle. All shocked, Lexi questions why, and Sycamore reveals he's heard about all their battles already in the Kalos region. Calem excitedly agrees, and requests that he be Professor Sycamore's battle partner. Sycamore accepts, and the two head into a battle!

Round 1
Froakie vs. Bulbasaur

Sycamore sends out Bulbasaur, while Calem sends out Froakie. Froakie quickly attacks with Water Gun with Bulbasaur coming back with Leech Seed. Both attacks hit, but Froakie is too fast for Bulbasaur and attacks Bulbasaur again, this time hitting him dead on resulting in him being defeated.

Round 2
Skiddo vs. Squirtle

Froakie sends out Skiddo as Scyamore sends out Squirtle; with Calem being excited as he knows he has the type disadvantage. Skiddo hits easily with a Razor Leaf, which hits Squirtle unexpectedly hard, which results in Squirtle disobeying Sycamore and goes for constant hits to Skiddo which all are successful. However, Skiddo is too strong and a second attack defeats Squirtle.

Round 3
Froakie vs. Charmander

Calem sends out Froakie again as Sycamore sends out his final Pokémon, Charmander. Knowing that he has the advantage, Calem expects an easy fight. However, he isn't expecting this easy of a fight when Charmander unexpectedly falls asleep on the battlefield. Froakie curiously walks up to Charmander, and Tackle's it, resulting in it being defeated.

As the battle finishes, Sycamore one again bursts into laughter, and reveals that he's not that strong when it comes to battling, and that he's happy to see Calem is becoming a strong Trainer already. However, Lexi and Calem comment under their breathes that the battle wasn't exactly hard. Sycamore reveals that he is so excited by the battle, he wishes to give a Pokémon to each of them. Shauna and Calem are excited, however, Lexi is unsure. Calem chooses the unruly Squirtle he battled; he reveals he wants to help the Squirtle become strong and control its anger. Shauna is unsure of whom to choose, as she enjoyed the battle and each Pokémon's strength. Lexi reveals that she feels she needs to focus on her already owned Pokémon, and that she thinks Shauna should take both. Sycamore laughs once again and reveals he admires Lexi and happily gives Shauna the two Pokémon. At this point, both Trevor and Tierno turn up, apologizing for their lateness.

Sycamore then hands Calem a Blastoisnite, while handing Shauna two stones, a Charizardnite and a Venusaurite. The two question what the stones are, and he reveals that they are Mega Stones, stones that give Pokémon which are thought to be at the peak of their power evolve again into a forme that exposes their full potential. However, he reveals he has little information on Mega Evolutions, and that he gave them the stones as a clue. He asks that they all go out to discover the truth hidden behind Mega Evolution for him. He reveals they should probably head to Camphrier Town as he has leads there. Trevor reveals he wants to focus on filling his Dex, while Tierno reveals he's busy preparing his Dance Team. Shauna and Calem both agree with Lexi that they want to explore the secrets behind Mega Evolution, and therefore agree to meet in Camphrier Town to explore the leads Professor Sycamore has.

The group departs through the lift, arriving down stairs, before being stopped as a mysterious man reveals he's glad to finally meet them.

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