Xenial Destiny series
The Fiery Meeting!
Air date November 09, 2013 XY009 Season XY

The group departs through the lift, arriving down stairs, before being stopped as a mysterious man reveals he's glad to finally meet them

The mysterious man introduces himself as Lysandre; and realizes that Lexi received a Pokédex from Professor Sycamore and compliments her on being one of the chosen ones. He reveals he's tried to learn as much about Pokémon as he can to help build a brighter future. He then says he has to dash off as he has a meeting, and leaves Lexi alone with Sina, but not before complimenting Fennekin and Helioptile and their decision to join Lexi on a front seat of an adventure. Sina wonders of what Lysandre meant of a beautiful world, although shirks passed it and wishes Lexi well on her adventure.

Shauna leaves and speaks about the PR Video Studio next door, suggesting Lexi join her later, while Trevor asks to see Lexi and Calem at Café Soleil. Tierno speaks to himself wondering what Trevor wants, but brushes it off and says he's leaving Lumiose City and heading out to Camphrier Town.

Lexi and Calem then walk leisurely to Café Soleil, where they find a strange acting Trevor. He asks that they all quietly enter the Café as he's seen something.

As the three walk in, they see Lysandre once again along with a young woman. Trevor reveals that Lysandre is the head of Lysandre Labs and the woman he is with is Diantha a famous movie star. He then questions what they are doing together.

The two speak about Diantha's role in one of her movies, and questions her whether she would rather remain young and beautiful forever and always play roles similar to in the movie. Diantha questions his question and says that she feels that beauty isn't everything to life. Lysandre is taken aback and says that as an actress its her duty to remain young and beautiful forever. He then reveals he would like to make the world unchanging and eternal so beauty lasts forever, although suggests its something he cannot do alone.

At that moment, the two notice Lexi, Calem and Trevor, in which Lysandre introduces Diantha, before leaving the Cafe. Diantha then asks who they all are, in which they introduce themselves. She notices Lexi and greets her warmly, speaking about their first meeting in Sinnoh. She compliments Lexi's Pokémon, before leaving herself having to dash off.

Trevor reveals he thinks that was weird, and that he's very wary of Lysandre and feels like he's strange. Calem laughs at this and sarcastically thanks Trevor for bringing them here, before Trevor says he's going to meet Tierno and head to Camphrier Town with him.

Calem and Lexi walk through Lumiose City once again, with Calem sending out his Squirtle. He reveals he'd love to see the true potential of Squirtle, and suggests the two battle. Calem finds a small empty street, and Lexi agrees.

Calem sends out Squirtle while Lexi sends out the Meowstic Twins. The female Meowstic stands out on the battlefield. The male Meowstic stands against Lexi, and uses a Psychic attack. Lexi questions the Meowstic, in which he reveals he's connecting with the female Meowstic in order to connect their power and strength. Calem then commands Squirtle to Tackle the Meowstic in which he does and hits slightly. Lexi returns with Psybeam, which the Squirtle dodges, with Calem following up with a Water Gun. The male Meowstic runs onto the field and swaps places with the female Meowstic and is hit by the Water Gun. Lexi is shocked but the female Meowstic coaxes her to continue, with Lexi then commanding Meowstic to use Calm Mind, which Calem then hits again with Water Gun. Meowstic dodges, and the move hits a woman behind. Calem and Lexi are shocked, and the woman runs away, with Lexi shouting to her sorry. Both Calem and Lexi questions what they should do, with Calem brushing it off, and decides to end the battle. Calem then questions Lexi on whether or not she should give nicknames to the Meowstic Twins to differentiate each other. Lexi agrees, with the two Meowstic revealing they have names and suggest they use them. Lexi agrees once again, and asks for them. The female Meowstic reveals her name is Luna with the male revealing his is Artemis. Lexi says she likes them, and accepts them, and in that moment, Shauna calls her revealing that she's waiting at the PR Video Studio and they should come visit.

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