Xenial Destiny series
PR Videos that Glitter!
Air date November 13, 2013 XY010 Season XY

Lexi and Calem run along the streets of Lumiose City once again and arrive outside the PR Video Studio, out of breath and heavy breathing. Shauna greets them warmly and show them into the studio. The group is greeted by a staff member who tells them about the videos. He reveals that the intended purpose is to advertise those who have entered the Elite Four to the world and drum up business for the subsidiary companies. Calem becomes angry at this and scolds the staff member, who shocked at this runs away. Shauna then scolds Calem for his actions. Lexi asked another member of staff if they could film their videos; in which she said yes, but they'd have to wait for a studio to be open, and to take a seat. Lexi and Calem release all of their Pokémon to wait beside them.

After a period of time, Calem wakes after falling asleep, realizing they are still waiting for a studio to be opened. He once again angrily confronts the staff, which Shauna reprimands him, and Lexi asks what is the hold up calmly. The staff reveal that they are still waiting for their customer to finish, as they are filming important videos. Calem reacts angrily once again and forces his way through to the studio. He is shocked as he walks into two large men, who pick him up, going to throw him out, however, a woman shouts and tells them to place him down. Lexi and Calem walk through to him, and the lady walks towards them and greets them. Lexi and Calem, along with the woman, become shocked as they all remember each other; as they find that she is the woman that was hit by the attack earlier. Lexi apologizes while Calem stubbornly refuses to. Valerie tells her not to worry, but scolds Calem for his attitude. Calem then acts out towards the woman and asks her why she is taking so long, while she angrily replies that its due to the attack earlier that she had to redo all her makeup ultimately delaying the shooting time. Calem calms down and apologizes, as does Valerie. As a peace offering, Valerie suggests she uses her expertise to help them film their PR Videos.

Valerie helps them both, in which they both dress up and film their respective videos. Calem's comes out overconfident and boistrous, which both Valerie and Shauna scolds, while Lexi's comes out graceful and humble, which they both praise. Calem suggests that his reflects his personality, but not his battling technique, and that people won't be expecting him to be as strong as he will become. Valerie speaks with Shauna about the two and Shauna reveals that she's not known Lexi for long but she knows that she's a truly wonderful Trainer that loves her Pokémon and has a true power within her, while she reveals that she's known Calem longer but finds him sometimes arrogant and overly confident of his skills. Valerie laughs and agrees that she feels the same even though she hardly knows either of them.

Once they finish, Valerie presents a picnic for them all that they eat outside of the studio. They all accept and they sit down and eat, before talking.

Lexi asks Valerie about herself as she reveals that she's the Gym Leader of Laverre City; which shocks them all. Calem is disbelieving of this and reveals that she can't be the Gym Leader, in which she angrily outbursts that she is and that she is tired of people not knowing her position, before reverting to calm shocking them all. She also reveals that she is a Model and Designer, and that she originally lived in Johto. Shauna questions where Johto is, while Calem reveals its near Hoenn where he used to live, and Lexi reveals that she knows several people from Johto. The others then revealed their plans, which Valerie seemed interested in, saying that she loved journeying through different regions before she became a Gym Leader. Lexi suggests that Valerie joins them on their journey, although she declines; saying that she has to work on her designs for the Trainers at her Gym. Suddenly the group hear something in the building, in which they all quickly rush inside.

They are all shocked to see the building being trashed, with a man in an Orange Suit hitting a young women to the ground. Valerie notices that he is holding pieces of clothing and fabric that she owned, rushing towards him. Fennekin and Helioptile attempt to attack the person, however he zooms off with a jet pack too quickly for any of the attacks to hit. Valerie remorsefully reveals that he's just taken millions of dollars worth of material with him.

The group help clean up, with Valerie hanging up her phone revealing that she's contacted her merchandiser about the fabrics and they reveal that they can give her more fabric if she comes to see them at Cyllage City. Shauna notes that Cyllage City is where the second gym is located. Lexi once again asks Valerie if she wants to join them, at least until they reach Cyllage City so she can get her fabrics. Valerie is thankful, and accepts their offer. Shauna reveals that she's heading off into Lumiose City as she's got a friend to catch up with, before heading off.

A quick change of clothes, and Valerie, alongside Calem and Lexi walk through Lumiose City once again.

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