Xenial Destiny series
Versant Road's Dance Off! Lexi vs. Tierno!
Air date November 16, 2013 XY011 Season XY

Lexi, alongside Calem and Valerie walk through Lumiose City and all bid farewell to the city. They arrive on Versant Road. Valerie describes Laverre City to them, before a Lucario runs into them accidentally, knocking them all to the ground.

The trio get back to their feet and the Lucario looks at them apologetically. A young girl skates towards them while shouting the Lucario and, upon arriving and realising what happened, also apologised to them. Calem noticed who she was and Valerie greeted her, revealing that she is Korrina of Shalour City. Calem looks on starstruck, revealing that he can't believe he's in the presence of another female Gym Leader after Viola, which Valerie angrily scolds him for forgetting that she is a Gym Leader too, which Lexi laughs at awkwardly. She reveals that she feels that Lucario sensed something in them, and wanted to meet them. She then cuts their conversation short, revealing that she has to head off into Lumiose City to meet someone. They say their goodbyes and seperate.

Just as she leaves, Lexi notices Tierno and Trevor up ahead, and they all run towards them. As they meet up with them, Trevor finishes up battling a Horde of Bunnelby's. They all greet each other again and Lexi introduces Valerie to them. They all become acquainted, and Tierno bursts into dance with excitement at meeting a Gym Leader and meeting up with his friends once again. Lexi laughs at Tierno's excitement and asks them what they've been up to. Trevor reveals he's been steadily filling up his Pokédex, while Tierno reveals that he's been following Trevor and watching all the different moves Pokémon use while battling. Valerie expresses interest in Tierno's hobby, and he reiterates his goal of creating a Pokémon dance team. Tierno then asks Lexi if she wants to battle him in order to show off her Pokémon's moves. Lexi agrees, and the two begin a battle.

Tierno sends out a Corphish, while Lexi sends out Litleo. Tierno begins the battle with a Bubblebeam with Litleo countering with Tackle. Corphish returns with Vice Grip but misses, while Litleo returns with a Headbutt. Dazed; Corphish is unable to attack and Litleo finishes him off with a second Headbutt, defeating him. Despite one Pokémon down, Tierno excitedly jumps around and sends out Budew. Litleo begins with a Tackle but Budew dodges it, following up with a Giga Drain taking some of Litleo's energy. Litleo hits back with Ember, which engulfs Budew in flames, defeating it.

With the battle over, Tierno once again bursts into excitement, thanking Lexi for their battle. Just in that moment, a group of what appear to be tourists run hastily past the group, sending them once again to hit the floor hard. The tourists run back towards them and shout at them telling them to run, as the Giant will come and get them. Puzzled, Lexi looks at her map and finds that Camphrier Town is just up ahead, and the group head towards the town curiously.

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