Xenial Destiny series
The Furfrou Hunt of Parfum Palace!
Air date November 23, 2013 XY013 Season XY

Lexi and the group, accompanied by Shauna walk up a long path, with Calem using his Holo Caster to find out about Parfum Palace. He tells them that the Palace was owned by the King of Kalos over 3,000 years ago, although the Palace was found abandoned with only a letter revealing that he had an incurable illness and went to live in the Mountains with his Pokémon. Valerie explains that the Palace became a public domain for many years, but eventually went to a long lost relative, who was said to be rude and obnoxious with the wealth gone to his head, whom closed the Palace to the public and began charging for entry.

The group arrive in the courtyard, and in front of them lies a grand building covered in stone and gold. Lexi is taken aback by the building, while Valerie notes that it seems they have to enter through the main gates. The group arrive at the front of the gates, but are stopped by an old man. He states that anyone whom plans to enter the Palace has to pay a fee. Shauna becomes angered at this as she explains that something of such historical importance shouldn't be used for profit. The man agrees, but explains that the owner wishes to make money from the Palace in order to increase his wealth. Valerie stands in front of the door and explains that she is a Gym Leader and that she should be able to use her position to enter the Palace. The man however, admits he doesn't know who she is; which angers Valerie to the point of violence. Lexi and Calem are shocked and apologize, but the man opens the Palace gates and tell them to hurry. Valerie smugly enters, with the others trailing behind.

The group enter the building, and are once again amazed by the sights inside, including the large statue in front of Milotic. They are interrupted however, by a man who is dashing around shouting at everyone. He continues to shout until Calem stops him, asking him what's a matter. He reveals he cannot find his beloved Furfrou, who has disappeared. Shauna is sympathetic, and suggests they help look for it. They all agree, and inform the man they will help find his Pokémon. He suggests that he has guards looking all over the Palace, and that maybe it's in the gardens at the back of the building.

The group head to the back, and find themselves out in a huge garden, filled with shrubbery designed as a maze. The group decide to split into two groups, Valerie and Calem look at the front, while Shauna and Lexi head to the back.

Calem and Valerie talk about their journeys, with Calem revealing he hopes to become Champion one day and continue into other regions to receive Champion titles all over the world. Valerie remarks that it's an ambitious feat, and that maybe he should have a backup plan. Calem is taken aback a little, and suggests that maybe she doesn't believe that even he believes in his plans, and that he's doubting himself. Calem seems to agree, but lies and says that he does believe in himself but is nervous about leaving his family. Valerie knows he's lying, but accepts his revelation.

Meanwhile, Lexi and Shauna seem to be tired as they seem to have been searching for hours. Lexi suddenly notices a white tail; and Shauna notices it too but shouts too loud, and the Pokémon scurries off. Lexi quickly begins to run, and Shauna runs behind her. Hot on the Pokémon's tail, Lexi continues to chase after it. She sends out Meowstic to try and attempt to stop it, however their attacks are useless and the Pokémon continues. Valerie and Calem appear at the opposite side of the maze, and quickly run at the sight of the Pokémon. They all meet up and notice the Pokémon at the end of the maze. They all quickly run again, in which they arrive at a big opening. The Pokémon attempts to attack them but misses, and they continue to battle it.

Eventually, Lexi is able to get a hold of Furfrou, and successfully gets control of it. The man quickly runs towards them, noticing that they've captured it, and thank them profusely. He begins to walk away, before Lexi stops him and asks where they can find the Owner. He reveals that he is the owner; much to the shock of everyone, and Lexi quickly asks him whether or not he can do them a favor.

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