Xenial Destiny series
Parfum Palace's Hidden Secret!
Air date November 27, 2013 XY014 Season XY

Lexi asks the owner if he minds giving them the PokéFlute to wake up a Snorlax near Camphrier Town. The man becomes angry and disallows this, angering Calem who shouts back at the man. A waiter runs up to them and has a quiet word with the owner. After a few seconds, the man turns and plainly allows them to use the Flute, but tells them they have to go find it themselves. Shauna whispers to Lexi that maybe they can head off and look into Mega Evolution. The group head into the Palace and Valerie tells them she'll go look for the Flute while they do their research.

Lexi slips into a large Library with Shauna and Calem not far behind. They search around the room, flicking through shelves and shelves of books. Calem find and begins to read from a book titled 'The History of Kalos & its King'. Shauna reveals that she was told stories about the book while in school and that it was written by the King of Kalos as a type of memoirs book, protected by his ancestors and eventually lost by the current owner. She continued to say that no one knows the contents but it is said that it included the truth about the King's final days in the Palace. At this moment, the door opens and a security guard enters the room. Luckily, Lexi, Calem and Shauna are able to hide swiftly, staying out of sight as the security guard leaves the room. They all come back out, and Lexi notices a small indentation on the wall behind some books. She uncovers a very peculiar looking book, without any text but a simple symbol. Lexi examines her Mega Ring and notices a visible similarity in the indentation in her Mega Ring stone with that on the book cover. She gathers Calem and Shauna after thinking she may have found a book detailing Mega Evolution. As they open the book, they find a small stone that has the same image inside it. Both Calem and Lexi pick it up, and the stone begins to shimmer in the light and a large wave vibrates through the air. Both of them put the stone back, and take the book. They see Valerie down the hall and they all come together, with the PokéFlute in hand, and head out of the Palace into the courtyard.

The group quickly head back to Rivière Walk, in which they hand the flute to the man. He plays the song, which seemingly awakens the Snorlax. The group quickly stand back, as the Snorlax awakens and flies into a rage. Lexi sends out Fennekin and Helioptile, while Calem, Shauna and Valerie send out Squirtle, Chespin and Sylveon out respectively. All of them begin to fire attacks at the Pokémon, in an effort to calm it. It appears like nothing can calm it, and despite an attempt to take it down by Fennekin, the Snorlax falls and injures Lexi's arm, scaring Fennekin. Valerie is able to calm it down, before it heads into the woods.

They all rush to Lexi, who rises from the ground and assures them all she's fine, she was just shocked. Fennekin looks on at her apologetically, but Lexi says there was nothing she could do, but Fennekin continues to be upset. In this moment, Hayley phones Lexi, revealing that she's just moved into her new Daycare, but there had been problems due to a Snorlax. Shocked, Lexi asks her where about she is, and Hayley excitedly hangs up the phone and runs up to her, revealing that she saw her and phoned her as her Daycare is just a few blocks away.

The group all excitedly walks with Hayley to the Daycare, but Fennekin is still upset from earlier.

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