Xenial Destiny series
The Riverside Rematch! Tierno & Trevor!
Air date December 04, 2013 XY016 Season XY

Lexi and Valerie excitedly greet Trevor and Tierno, while Calem trails behind. Lexi explains to them about what happened at the Chateau, although Calem demands they drop it. Tierno explains that he's been creating a better dance team since they last battled, while Trevor explains he's been busy searching everywhere for exciting new Pokémon to help fill his Pokédex. He says that he was on his way to see a Snorlax that was at the end of Camphrier Town, however Lexi explains it left and headed for the woods, which agitates Fennekin as it remembers what occurred there.

Tierno suggests that they all battle to see how much stronger they've become; however, Calem refuses, which leads to Valerie suggesting she battles alongside Lexi. They all agree, and they begin their battle.

Tierno sends out Corphish and Trevor sends out Pikachu; Valerie sends of Sylveon, and Lexi sends out Fennekin, however it backs up and seemingly refuses to battle. Lexi questions it, but it becomes upset and begins to run off, shocking them all. Lexi quickly runs after it, with Valerie stopping all the others from running, suggesting that maybe it's a problem that needs to be solved between Trainer and Pokémon.

Lexi finally catches up to Fennekin and the two sit together, with Fennekin appearing distant. Lexi uses her wielding powers to connect with Fennekin, and finds out that she is upset that she wasn't able to protect Lexi from the Snorlax. Lexi explains that she doesn't blame Fennekin and that she doesn't expect Fennekin to protect her but the other Pokémon, which she did. Helioptile seems to cheer on Fennekin, with Fennekin appearing a little happier. Lexi explains that maybe she and Fennekin should try and connect further by starting to train intensely with her. Fennekin seems excited, and they all return to the others. Upon returning Lexi asks that maybe she can have a few minutes alone with Fennekin before the battle begins. They all agree, and Lexi and Fennekin accompanied by Helioptile head aside. She helps Fennekin try and focus, before explaining that Fennekin needs to focus all her anger, frustrations and upset into her stomach, and push hard to unleash an attack she never has before. She also suggests that Fennekin squeezes her ears in, sending the heat from her ears through her veins. Fennekin is about to attempt the move, but Lexi tells her not to and to save it for the battle.

Lexi returns, and sends Fennekin into the battlefield. The battle then begins.

Valerie begins with Dazzling Gleam which agitates Pikachu and Corphish's sight, but Pikachu brushes it off and hits Sylveon with a Volt Tackle. Corphish attempts to fire a Water attac towards Fennekin but she is able to dodge quickly, heading towards Pikachu and Tackle's it, with Sylveon following up with Play Rough which damages badly. Pikachu returns to Fennekin and hits it with Thunderbolt, temporarily paralysing her. Corphish attacks Sylveon with Water Gun, which hits, but Sylveon is quick and hits Pikachu from behind defeating him. Fennekin comes out of Paralysis but Corphish is no where to be seen; before it comes up behind Sylveon and uses Crabhammer, locking Sylveon in it's claws. Fennekin backs up a little, showing it's nervousness, but Lexi encourages her, before commanding her to use Blast Burn, which shocks everyone. However, Fennekin attempts to use the move, but the attack is just powerful enough to unleash Sylveon from Corphish's claws, but not enough to hurt it. Instantly, Valerie commands Sylveon to attack Corphish, drawing the final attack and defeating it.

All of the group are happy, and even Calem becomes fired up and wants to battle again. Lexi explains to Fennekin that she's proud of her for attempting the attack, but they should work on her nervousness when it comes to battling. Fennekin appears happy, and the group pack up and set off. Calem suggests that after the battle, they should take a day off from traveling and train together. Lexi explains she wants to expand her team, and wants to try and find a new Pokémon unlike any she's had before.

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