Xenial Destiny series
The Suspicious Professor!
Air date December 07, 2013 XY017 Season XY

A waiter heads towards a table and hands a man a cup of coffee, which he sips from, and places it down. Moments later, Professor Sycamore heads towards the table and sits down and greets the man, now revealed to be Lysandre. Professor Sycamore looks on with a serious expression and reveals he needs to talk.

Lexi and her friends begin the day ready to go and pumped for the day ahead. Calem decides that he and Valerie can train while Lexi looks around for a new team member. Lexi lets out her Pokémon and reiterates that she’s looking for a new friend and that she wants all their help. She asks Helioptile, Litleo and Artemis to look in the nearby cave for any interesting Pokémon, and Fennekin and Lunar to help her look around the field. They all head their separate ways and start the search.

Professor Sycamore confides in Lysandre revealing that he’s become concerned with the seemingly isolated incidents that have been occurring in Lumiose City, with the robberies, attacks, and general crimes. Lysandre suggests that maybe there is just a gang that has been terrorizing the city and that maybe he should just let the authorities deal with it. However, Sycamore believes that something bigger is happening, and that he thinks that there could be some sort of copycat team to repeat the events made by Team Plasma. Lysandre laughs it off and calls his theory ridiculous but Sycamore sticks to it and suggests that he’s going to look into it further.

Back with Lexi, she becomes decreasingly happy as she fails to find any Pokémon she wants to join her team. All her Pokémon continue to show her Pokémon however they either attack them or run away, while Lexi reveals she wants a Pokémon that is brave and humble even without knowing her. Calem and Valerie are battling in the background, before an attack from Calem’s Froakie hits the mountain and reveals a small pathway. Lexi suggests that maybe some interesting Pokémon could be hiding there and heads in.

Back in Lumiose City once again, Sycamore and Lysandre stand in the street and Lysandre decides that if Sycamore wants any help, he’s willing to aid him in any way, while Sycamore reveals he hopes that he will contact him if matters get worse or the criminals appear again in or outside of Lumiose City.

Lexi slides down the increasingly narrowing cave pathway, before she arrives at a very small desolate group of trees next to a mountain side that glows with strange pink stones. Intrigued, Lexi pokes her head into the forest and discovers small Pokémon that fly past her holding flowers, which she discovers many different flowers with fairy-like Pokémon attached to them. She pulls out her Pokédex and discovers that they are all a part of the Flabébé, Floette and Florges species. Lexi is excited by this, and decides to search around. She finds many varieties, but discovers that she see’s none of them holding a red flower. Upon further inspection, a small Pokémon flies towards her face holding a red flower, which Lexi is excited to see. She and the Pokémon play around, with Lexi deciding that this is the Pokémon she wants. She discovers it’s a Floette, and asks the Pokémon if it wants to join her, which it easily agrees. Lexi captures it, and heads out of the pathway.

Arriving outside, Lexi runs up to Valerie and Calem and reveals that she’s captured a Pokémon, before letting out the Floette and showing it to all her Pokémon. Valerie reveals she’s surprised that the Pokémon joined her so willingly without really any interactions, but Lexi brushes past it and reveals how happy she is to have a new team member, and suggests she uses it in her upcoming Gym battle. The group pack away, and head towards the cave.

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