Xenial Destiny series
Calem’s Rocky Ride
Air date December 11, 2013 XY018 Season XY

Finally in Ambrette Town, the group arrive worn and tired, however just before they decide to take a rest, a professor barges into them and send them hurtling towards the floor. He appears apologetic and immediately brings them up. He looks at them and sees they are travellers, and asks the group if they could find a friend of his in a nearby area called Glittering Cave. Before they are even able to answer, the man thanks them and runs off. Calem expresses his annoyance at the man for just assuming, but Lexi suggests they may as well continue and head off to the cave. With just a short walk to the entrance, the group are just about to head over a mountain before they are dragged back by a man. He reveals the mountain is too rocky and dangerous to just walk there, and that they will have to ride Pokémon to get to Glittering Cave. Valerie and Lexi seem excited, but Calem becomes agitated and nervous and assures the man he’ll be fine walking, before being dragged back once again. Noticing his agitation, Valerie questions him; which results in him revealing he has something to tell them.

Sat at a small table, Calem asks the girls if they know about Grace, a famous Rhyhorn Racer. Lexi doesn’t, but Valerie replies that she’s very well known in Kalos and is said to be the best Rhyhorn Racer ever. Calem reveals that she is his mother, and that his parents expect him to become a Rhyhorn Racer too, and that they don’t agree with his path and don’t even know that he’s on a journey. The two girls are shocked, but Calem sternly tells them that he’s following his dreams no matter what. He follows up revealing that he embarrassingly never went to any of his training and that he always skipped classes, and that he doesn’t even know where to begin when riding. Lexi says that she’s never ridden a Pokémon before, and Valerie reveals she’s had very little experience riding also, so it’s not like any of them are experts in Rhyhorn racing. However, Calem continues to reveal that he’s actually quite scared of Rhyhorn, and that he’s unsure about riding one. Lexi and Valerie assure him however they will help him in any way he needs to face his fears.

The start is choosing their Rhyhorn’s; Valerie and Lexi choose the first Rhyhorn they see, but Calem analyses every Rhyhorn and doesn’t choose any. Lexi chooses for him, and they all head to the small pen for Rhyhorn training. They enter the pen and Lexi and Valerie calmly jump up on their Rhyhorn. However, Calem bounces onto his and it bucks and runs, resulting in Calem being catapulted from its back. Lexi and Valerie then help him onto his Rhyhorn, before attaching their harnesses, which Calem also finds a struggle, and attempt to steer the Rhyhorn which as expected, Calem fails at. Lexi and Valerie soon help him figure it out, with the trainer suggesting they head off, as the Rhyhorn will have to rest soon if they don’t hurry up. The group decide to just go for it, heading off on the mountainous path.

Everything is quick and easy, with the group heading slowly and carefully through the rocky hills and steep cliffs. Calem becomes confident, and starts being reckless and tries to speed up the Rhyhorn, but doing so angers it, resulting in the Rhyhorn trying to buck him off and running, but instead, he is latched on and he and the Rhyhorn speed past Lexi and Valerie and end up falling down a small shaft. The group are shocked, and Lexi and Valerie attempt to help him, but Calem instead suggests they head on, as he sees a tunnel and thinks it may lead to the Cave entrance. They hesitantly agree, and the group head their separate ways.

Calem heads through the dark tunnel, trying to talk to the Rhyhorn but it seems distant and annoyed by him, so it heads on in front without him. Calem tries to coax it, but it continues to walk in front of him. Calem lets out his Froakie, Skiddo and Squirtle and he tells them to try and talk to the Rhyhorn. They all speak happily together, but the Rhyhorn refuses to speak to Calem. Calem realises that maybe his actions were wrong, and he apologizes to the Rhyhorn for his attitude towards riding him, and that he should have been more respectful. The Rhyhorn seems content with his apology, and they end up at the end of the tunnel and end up on the outskirts of Glittering Cave. Lexi and Valerie meet Calem and ask if he’s alright and he reveals he’s great, and turns to the Rhyhorn and asks it whether or not it wants to join him, and help him become a great Rhyhorn Racer and Champion. The Rhyhorn accepts, and joins Calem’s team. The group, another member up, head into Glittering Cave.

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