Xenial Destiny series
Glittering Cave's Fiery Trespassers!
Air date December 14, 2013 XY019 Season XY

The group enter Glittering Cave and are amazed by the sight they see, filled with shiny glistening gems and stones, however, the group are dazed as the paths are too narrow to walk together and walk in a line, along with the many different paths available to walk. Instead of splitting up, the group decide to stick together and head deeper into the cave together. They continue to walk and find themselves at countless dead ends, along with being attacked by wild Pokémon within the cave. Eventually, the group find themselves at a cave opening. At first, there doesn’t appear to be much around them, with the cave filled with small Pokémon and rocks, however, they soon find a man in an orange suit walking along the cave. They all hide behind a large rock, as the man walks past them while talking on the phone, discussing the professor and his research and says that they shouldn’t be too long away from gathering what they need then disposing of the professor. Valerie suggests that the professor he speaks about could be the professor they are looking for, and continues that the man could possibly be in danger going on what the man is speaking about. Calem storms towards the man, but he turns and smacks him around the face throwing him to the floor. He laughs at Calem and mocks him for his courage, and suggests that he turns back and leaves before it gets ugly. Calem is confused as the man spoke to him by his name, and questions him, but the man has already left. Valerie and Lexi come from behind the rock and help Calem to his feet, with Valerie suggesting they turn back and get some help. Calem disagrees, suggesting that the professor could be in danger. Lexi agrees, and they decide to head further into the cave together.

The group continue down the cave, and soon enter yet another large room, with several men in orange suits along with heavy pieces of machinery sprawled across the room. Lexi spots what looks like a Professor, whom stands with one hand chained to a man in an orange suit, appearing worn and tired, but continues to work under their orders. Lexi, Valerie and Calem enter into the room, shouting at the men, but they are interrupted and the men turn towards them and laugh once again. They explain that they knew that Calem wouldn’t allow them to leave, and that Lexi’s willing to help people would also lead them here. The group become confused, as once again, the men speak as if they know them. Valerie questions the men about what they are trying to do and what they want, and the men laugh at Valerie’s questions. They explain that they are an organization called Team Flare, who strive to create a more beautiful world. They continue to explain that they are using the Professor’s research to excavate rare fossils from Glittering Cave in order to make money for their project. Valerie then questions them on how they plan to dispose of the Professor, in which they explain that they need to rid the world of all those who make it ugly and stand in their way, including them. Lexi walks towards them and tells them that she’s dealt with bigger bullies than them, and that she’ll take down anyone who tries to harm others. They laugh once again, before a man walks towards them and hits Lexi across the face, and sends her to the floor, before Lexi tells Fennekin and Helioptile to attack them. She then goes on to release all of her Pokémon, with Calem and Valerie doing so to, battling against the Team Flare members. They all end up separated, with each member attacking two Team Flare members. While they all take down their Pokémon easily, the group are attacked physically by the Team Flare members. Calem continues to fight back, but a man walks closely to Calem and mocks him, and suggests that maybe he should focus on training his Pokémon so that he can stop being Lexi’s lap dog. He looks on, as the man continues to say that he’s pathetic and that he’s only around Lexi to boost her own ego and that she uses him only to further herself, and that she’ll take him down and triumph against him, resulting in him being trapped in Kalos and never fulfilling the dreams he desires. He then hits Calem again and sends him to the floor.

Lexi, Valerie and Calem wake up in hospital beds, where they all are greeted by Professor Sycamore, revealing that due to them battling the Team Flare members, the Professor was able to contact for help who saved them, but the Team Flare members got away. He also reveals that there Pokémon have been taken care of and healed. Finally, he passes them gifts from the Professor, in which he hands Valerie a curious looking stone, while giving Lexi and Calem a fossil each, which he reveals can be restored at Ambrette Town’s Fossil Lab.

He continues and reveals that his suspicions appear to be correct and that there is indeed a team of people whom are trying to make money for a further plot. Lexi reveals that the grunts spoke of a ‘more beautiful world’ which takes Sycamore aback. He reveals that he thinks they should continue on their journey, and that the authorities will be working closely with him on discovering more about them and hopefully resolving the issue. They all head out of the building and Valerie points them into the direction of the Fossil Lab, in which they all head towards. Calem, holds back a second, looking at Lexi, then heads on.

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