Xenial Destiny series
The Restoration Investigation!
Air date December 18, 2013 XY020 Season XY

The group enter the Ambrette Town Fossil Lab, which they find many different Scientists and Professors working on computers and paper work, with many different fossils and bones situated around the room. Lexi notices the Professor from Glittering Cave who also notices her and greets them warmly. They all sit down together in which they discuss and speak about the events that occurred in Glittering Cave and reveals that it was his own research of the Pokémon Fossils that resulted in them crossing paths, but his goal was for research while there’s was for monetary gain. He then asks them if they have the Fossils he gave them, and reveals that using special technology, they can restore the fossils into Pokémon that are not found in the wild of Kalos anymore, and are technically extinct. The two agree, and give the fossils to the Professor. He tells them to relax and explore all the sites around the Lab while they wait. The group explore for a short while, before a loud noise is heard and the Professor runs from the back room screaming. Moments later, two Pokémon charge out of the room, trashing the Lab and firing attacks at each other. The Professor reveals that they are used to restore Pokémon being overly excited when they are restored, but this is excitement he’s never seen before. He asks the group if they will do them a favour and calm the Pokémon down, as he still needs to capture the Pokémon for them. They agree, however he then reveals that the Lab is much bigger than expected, and that they may need to split up to get the two.

Lexi and the Professor head into the Fossil Room, while Calem and Valerie head into the upstairs Observatory. The Fossil Room is completely trashed with large rocks having large bite marks in them, leading the Professor to believe that the Pokémon Tyrunt is responsible, and the one that he restored for Lexi. He explains all about the Pokémon to her, before it appears from behind and attempts to bite another large rock. Lexi commands Helioptile to stun the Pokémon, but it is too agile and fast for the attack to stick. Fennekin attempts to tackle the Pokémon, but once again it is too quick to be hit. Lexi decides to let out all of her Pokémon to help, in which the Tyrunt looks on with a mischievous look on its face.

Upstairs, Valerie and Calem enter the Observatory and find themselves to be very cold, with all the windows iced up and the floor slippery. Calem shouts around the room, but Valerie scolds him for his attitude and tells him he needs to treat them more kindly and be more tactful in these situations. Calem quietens, and tells Valerie to lead the way. The Pokémon walks straight in front of them and bows, with Valerie and Calem looking confused, but the Pokémon walks freely up to Calem and, in turn, he captures it. Valerie is puzzled, revealing that she thought there would have been more of a fight, which she suggests that maybe the Pokémon has more elegance and decorum, and that maybe the change in attitude for one of Calem’s teammates will give him his own attitude change. Calem looks disgruntled, and suggests they head downstairs.

Back with Lexi, she and her Pokémon are finding it hard to land any attacks on the Pokémon, even Artemis and Luna are unable to pinpoint the Tyrunt. The Professor suggests that they need to either be one step ahead of the Tyrunt or slow it down. Although initially out of ideas, Lexi suggests that they need to try and see if it has a movement pattern and take advantage of it, suggesting that they attack in a clockwise motion to try and coax a pattern if there isn’t one. The plan is set in motion, in which they are successful in hitting the Tyrunt, but it doesn’t seem to do much to calm it down or slow it down.

Calem and Valerie enter and they attempt to help, meanwhile revealing that they caught the Pokémon without a hitch. The Professor reveals the Pokémon to be Amaura and suggests that the Tyrunt must be a very playful Pokémon who brings the same trait out on others. Lexi then has an idea. Halting their attacks, Lexi recalls all her Pokémon and asks the others to do the same.

She then takes a small red ball from her bag, and throws it into the area in which the Tyrunt is located. After several brief moments of silence, the Tyrunt jumps to the floor and plays around on the floor with it. Lexi walks calmly to the Tyrunt, who throws the ball to her again, and throws it once again and Lexi realises that it just wants someone to play with. She speaks to the Tyrunt and tells it that she will happily play with it if it wants to join her. The Tyrunt seems accepting, and allows itself to be captured. She then lets it back out, and she and the Tyrunt play a little before it becomes tired, in which Lexi retrieves it.

The Professor tells them it’s been fun and relays his thanks for saving him. Lexi and Calem thank him for the Pokémon and tell him that they hope to return in the future to show them the progression of the Fossils.

The group leave the Fossil Lab, and the group decide to head to the local Aquarium.

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