Xenial Destiny series
The Aquarium Delirium!
Air date December 21, 2013 XY021 Season XY

The group enter the local Aquarium in which Valerie shouts with excitement over it, revealing that if she wasn’t a Fairy-type Specialist she’d want to be a Water-type Specialist. The group pay for admission and begin admiring all the Water Pokémon. They begin to walk down another area, but are stopped by a member of the staff. They reveal that there have been vandalism issues for the last few weeks, and that they’ve had to shut off certain areas of the Aquarium to clean up the mess. Valerie becomes angered at this, and Calem suggest they just head on their journey. Lexi dismisses him though, suggesting that they should help out since they’re there. Calem agrees, but looks annoyed.

Valerie asks them whether or not they have any security cameras, in which they confirm they do, but they’ve been tampered with. Lexi suggests they go back to the moment before the cameras were tampered with as they could suggest who maybe was involved. When they do, however, they notice that the moment the camera cuts out, the Pokémon from the aquarium have their tanks unlocked. Lexi suggests that this might not be a person, but a Pokémon. They decide that they should hide in the Aquarium and open the tanks and see if any Pokémon begin acting suspiciously.

Later in the day, after the Aquarium was closed, the tanks are unlocked and all areas are free to roam. They wait for numerous hours, but nothing seems to be happening. Just as Calem is about to walk out, a Marill walks out of its cage, stretches out, and then shouts out loud. Suddenly, a group of Pokémon enter the room and they all begin firing attacks at the tanks and building, causing a mess. Lexi and Valerie jump up and shout at the Pokémon to stop, but they simply turn and continue. Valerie seems confused, trying to stop the Pokémon, but they just return and continue working. Lexi suggests maybe they are in a trance or under some hypnosis. Valerie believes that if this is the case, then there must be someone in the Aquarium doing so. She continues to say that maybe it is indeed a person behind it all, rather than the Pokémon. With this decided, they decide to check through the employee records to find any suspicious information. Calem distracts the guard while they sneak in, in which they look through the employee records. While not finding anything at first, Lexi locates a new file from a new employee that just started working for the company a few weeks ago; around the time the vandalism began. Lexi suggests that it’s highly likely to be this employee, or at least he’ll know something about it. They go to find the man but the Aquarium is open again and the Pokémon back in their tanks, with the area of the vandalism being cleared. The group is confused, with the manager coming to them and assumes that nothing eventful happened. However, the group explain what they found, and the manager shows them to the employee. At first, he denies all knowing of the event, but Calem notices he has a box filled with broken glass. Calem shouts at him and assures the manager he did it, in which the manager suggests that maybe the evidence does all point to him. The employees then smiles, before pushing them all out of the way and running off. Valerie follows closely behind, trying to stop him from running too far. They reach the main aquarium, before the man tries to hit Valerie and sends out a Mightyena who he commands to attack Valerie. Valerie manages to dodge the attacks, but one manages to hit her which sends her to the floor. The man walks up to her and grabs her by the neck, before a water attack hits the man releasing his grip and hitting him against a wall. The young Marill reveals itself, before Valerie rises to her feet. She asks him what he was doing and how, and he revealed that he was testing a new technology for Team Flare to control Pokémon, and that there was nothing she could do to stop him now as he’d sent the data over. Lexi, Calem and the Manager burst on through, with the manager calming the customers down and Lexi helping Valerie up while Calem restrained the employee.

The police arrive and arrest the man, while Valerie speaks to the Marill. She thanks it for helping her, and compliments it on its strong battling skill. The Marill seems attached, with Lexi turning to the Manager and suggesting that maybe he allows the Marill to join Valerie. Lexi then walks up to Valerie and reveals that if she wants, she can capture the Marill. She thanks the Manager and Lexi, before catching the Marill. Now the Aquarium is back to normal, the group head off for Cyllage City.

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