Xenial Destiny series
Muraille Coast's Hidden Treasure!
Air date December 28, 2013 XY022 Season XY

Lexi and her friends are happily walking along the beachside, Lexi and Calem with their shoes in their hands as they walk along the tide. They remark how nice it is to walk along the beach and how they’ve not really had time to relax. Calem is just about to suggest that they do, before Sycamore calls Lexi. He asks where they are and when she reveals there just along Muraille Coast, he appears in the distance and runs towards them. He greets them, and then reveals that he heard they were in the area and wondered if they fancied helping him on a quest. Calem sighs, but they agree anyway. Sycamore shows them a picture of a spherical stone, which they find familiar looking. Lexi reveals that they have a stone very similar that they found in a book that was in Parfum Palace, which she hands to him, which he examines and reveals it’s a Mega Stone for Ampharos, to turn it into Mega Ampharos. Lexi notes that she owns an Ampharos, and Sycamore suggests that maybe she brings back Ampharos when she heads to The Tower of Mastery. Lexi agrees.

Back on topic, Sycamore reveals that he’s been researching and believes a stone similar to the one Lexi has is around Muraille Coast, believing that the Mega Stone is one for either Houndoom or Manectric. Lexi remarks that she also owns a Houndoom, so shows interest in the Houndoom stone if it is one. Sycamore asks if they want to help him search, and they accept.

Sycamore tells them that the stone is likely to be buried around the shore, as the readings he’s gotten are very recent, meaning that it’s washed up on shore in the last few days and won’t be buried too deep. The group begin searching, and send out all their Pokémon who help dig around the shore. Calem is disheartened claiming that there is too much room that it could be in, while Valerie tries to encourage them all. Sycamore also reveals that live readings confirm it’s still in the area, but he just can’t pinpoint the exact location. Lexi is determined, as she’s very curious to see Mega Evolution work, and she especially wants to find it if it’s a Houndoomite so she can both experience Houndoom’s full potential and help Sycamore’s research.

While looking, suddenly, Calem is stopped by a man. The man asks him what he’s looking for. Calem refuses to answer, and the man becomes arrogant and condescending towards him. Sycamore comes over and asks him what the man wants politely, and he reveals that him and his crew are treasure hunters and they’ve heard there is special treasure around here. Sycamore acts nonchalant and says that they are merely looking for a lost treasure of theirs. The man says that he and his team will happily help, but Sycamore politely declines. The man heads off, and Sycamore tells the others that they have to hurry. Lexi asks why, and Sycamore tells her that they are likely to be pirates, and the treasure they’re looking for is probably the Mega Stone. They hurry quickly, and after more searching, Fennekin finds the stone. She goes to run back, but she’s picked up by the man. Lexi runs up to him and angrily confronts him, in which he laughs and throws Fennekin back to Lexi. He grabs the stone and tells them that he’s got what he came for. Sycamore comes up and politely tells him that the stone is what he’s been looking for, but the man shrugs him off and tells him that he has it so it’s his, just as more men come up behind him. Sycamore once again politely asks him to hand the stone over, but he goes to walk away. Sycamore then sends out Wartortle and commands him to attack the man and get the stone. This move results in them all beginning to fight, sending out their Pokémon and attacking each other. Soon, Sycamore comes face to face with the pirate and battles against him. The two battle for a while, before Lexi cunningly sneaks in and takes the stone mid-battle, before Sycamore ends the battle early and allows the man to go on his way. The man, thinking he’s got the stone, heads off, gathering his men, and sailing away. Lexi then hands Sycamore the stone, before he hands it back. He asks her to keep it safe, and after she’s visited The Tower of Mastery, she can test it out and report back. Lexi asks him if the stone is indeed a Houndoomite, and he confirms it is. Now with the stone, Sycamore announces he has to be on his way, and thanks Lexi and the others for their help. He asks them where they’re going, and when they tell him Cyllage City, he confirms that it’s just a few short walks away. He waves them goodbye, and heads on his way.

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