Xenial Destiny series
Cyllage City! Valerie's Decision!
Air date January 04, 2013 XY023 Season XY

The group walk along the road, just before noticing the opening to Cyllage City, in which the tired group stumble towards. Calem suggests that they grab a bite to eat at the PokéCenter before heading towards the Cyllage City Gym. Lexi seems hesitant, but ultimately agrees, while Valerie realises that it will soon be the time to say goodbye to the two young Trainers. The trio arrive at the PokéCenter and Lexi hands over all her Pokémon, before slumping in her seat. Valerie tells them she’s just going to talk to the Nurse, and Calem sits beside Lexi. She asks Calem how he feels about Valerie leaving, and he doesn’t really respond, before remarking that she’s feeling a little upset, and that she’s gotten used to having her around. Calem continues not to be phased by her departure, and Lexi scolds him, telling him he has no heart. Calem simply laughs and retrieves his Pokémon. Lexi does the same as Valerie returns, and the trio head on out.

Valerie points into the direction of her destination, while Calem discovers that the Gym is beyond the Racing track, and the group prepare to separate ways. Valerie thanks Lexi for her help and that she’s really enjoyed her time with her, and Lexi reiterates adding that she can’t wait to see her again when she comes to battle her Gym. The two hug, and Valerie and Calem simply say goodbye, before Valerie pulls him aside and tells him to look after Lexi and stop being an idiot, in which he scoffs, and Valerie departs on her way. Lexi holds back for a second, going to shout to Valerie, but stops herself and she and Calem walk towards the racing track.

Valerie walks down the street, as flashbacks of her time with Lexi and Calem appear. Suddenly, she’s violently brushed passed by a man, in which she turns and shouts at him, the man grabs her and shoves her against a wall down a dark alley. Scared, Valerie tries to grab her phone, but the man throws it against the floor. He lets her go and he apologises for the roughness, but requests that she listens to him carefully. The man tells her he has a proposition for her.

Meanwhile, Lexi and Calem continue to walk, but a large tree blocks their way, so Calem decides to get Skiddo to help him, however, he’s shocked when Sylveon is let out. Lexi realises that they seem to have mixed up their Pokéballs, and that they’ll have to head back and swap them over. Calem sighs, before the two turn around, with Calem telling her to be quick.

Valerie strokes her throat, as the man in front of her begins to speak. He reveals that he is a part of an organization that wants to make the world a more beautiful place, and compliments Valerie on her looks and heart, and suggests that she is exactly the type of person that should join them. Valerie laughs and tells the man he’s mad, and asks him why in the world would she want to join them like that. He reveals that then she would be kept safe when the time comes, and also explains that she couldn’t just join them, she’d have to contribute financially to the company. Valerie scoffs and realises that he’s just looking for money, and that she won’t give him a penny. The man sniggers, before turning back to Valerie and hitting her multiple times in the stomach. He grabs her face before pushing her to the floor. Suddenly, the voices of Lexi and Calem can be heard, and suddenly the man runs off. Moments later, Lexi and Calem walk past the alley and Calem stops Lexi, realising someone is down the alley. Lexi is shocked when she notices it’s Valerie, props her up, and they head inside. Sat down, Valerie explains what happened to her in the alley, and suggests that maybe the man was someway involved with Team Flare and reiterates about the ‘beautiful world’ comment made by the man and what the Team Flare Grunt said in Glittering Cave. Lexi asks what she plans to do now, with the attack putting her on edge. Valerie decides that she’s going to abandon her designing for now, and focus on helping Lexi and Calem with their journey instead. Lexi reveals that while she’s sorry that Valerie is giving up her ambition for now, she’s happy that they are sticking together.

Now back as a trio, the group decide to head on to the Cyllage City Gym.

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