Xenial Destiny series
The Cyllage Rhyhorn Race!
Air date January 8, 2014 XY024 Season XY

The group finally arrive at the Cyllage City Gym, tired, Calem is relieved to be at the Gym after many interruptions, he runs towards the door, but is startled when the door doesn’t open and he injures himself. Lexi tries to open the door but can’t, before Valerie notice a sign. It states that the Gym is being shut temporarily while the Rhyhorn Race is in progress. Calem is disappointed, but Lexi states that this would be a perfect opportunity to test his Rhyhorn Racing skills, noting that she might join him seeming she had quite a knack for it before. Calem hesitantly agrees – before letting out his Rhyhorn.

Calem decides that he wants to test out some manoeuvres on Rhyhorn, so he and Rhyhorn have a quick training session together. Calem gives Rhyhorn some words of encouragement, stating that while they haven’t been together long, he hopes Rhyhorn will do only his best for him and they can bond well with the experience.

The group arrive for sign-ups, where they see many different Rhyhorn who are styled and dressed up ready for the race. Calem signs up with his own Rhyhorn, while Lexi signs up with a rental Rhyhorn. Just as they are about to race, the crowd begins to gasp as someone important walks through the crowd. Valerie greets him, introducing him as Cyllage City Gym Leader Grant. Lexi and Calem introduce themselves and reveal they headed to the Gym, in which he apologises for not being there. He suggests that maybe they make it interesting, and seeming he’s been practicing for the Rhyhorn Race and not his battling, that he will give them a Gym badge if they successfully beat him in the Rhyhorn Race. Lexi agrees, and despite Calem stating he wants to battle, he agrees also. He then turns excited and tells Grant he’ll beat him!

Suddenly, the race begins;

Everyone starts at a great speed, with everyone being close. Suddenly, a sharp corner turn separates the competitiors as some speed ahead while some struggle to turn easily. The race continues with everyone trying their best. Calem is closely following Grant, while a few competitiors race between them. Lexi however is struggling, realising she’s not doing as well as she thought, but continues on quickly anyway. The track becomes wet which slows Calem down, and some of the competitiors slip and fall off of Rhyhorn. Lexi nearly falls, but continues quickly.

The race is almost half way through, as Calem are just metres away from Grant. Grant seems to effortlessly race through the track, with the two competitiors in front struggling but holding on their positions. Calem continues to communicate with Rhyhorn, but a jump results in Calem falling from Rhyhorn. Calem seems to be giving up, before Lexi runs alongside him and gives him words of encouragement. Calem jumps back on his Rhyhorn, and they rush in front. Lexi trails behind, before an inclining hill pushes her back. Due to Calem’s Rhyhorn’s speed, they are able to get up the hill easily, getting back close to Grant and the other competitiors. With just a downhill slope to go, Calem and Rhyhorn rush down, dodging obstacles and trees. Suddenly, the end in sight, Calem rushes and with just metres away from the finish, Calem, Grant, and three others come incredibly close together and cross the line. Lexi seems to trail shortly behind them, before the race ends.

With the very close call, the judges have to take more analysis of the race, while Grant watches the replay. He notices Calem’s manoeuvres and walks to Calem, congratulating him on the race. When Calem notes that this is his first race, Grant it taken aback. Before the results are announced. Calem ends in fourth, Lexi in seventh, and Grant ends in fifth. Shocked, but happy, Grant remarks that it seems he needs to work harder to end up on top. Meanwhile, Calem is equally shocked that he beat Grant. Grant congratulates Calem on beating him, while commiserating Lexi. Calem receives the Cyllage City badge, while Grant challenges Lexi to come battle him at the Gym. She accepts, before he walks towards the Gym. Valerie and Lexi congratulate Calem again, and head towards the Gym.

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