Xenial Destiny series
The Rocky Road! Lexi vs. Grant!
Air date January 11, 2014 XY025 Season XY

The group arrive at the Cyllage City Gym once again, this time, able to enter and head into the Gym. Lexi asks Valerie what the Gym entails, and she reveals that all she knows is that there is some sort of rock climbing task. Lexi claims that she’ll probably breeze through it. However, they enter the Gym, and before them is a huge mountain. They all just stand I front of it, before Valerie asks Lexi whether or not she’s going to climb it. Lexi confirms she will, and Calem reveals he’ll help her. Valerie reveals that she can’t because of her heels, and that she wishes Lexi the best of luck. Lexi and Calem begin the ascend

The two are attached to harnesses, and set off up the first climbing wall. The two begin with speed, but as time progresses they slow and become tired. The climbing walls become narrower and less stable, with several close encounters with both Lexi and Calem almost falling, but the other always been there to help the other. Calem unfortunately takes a wrong rock, and falls down the rocks. Lexi shouts to him, but with no sound, Lexi continues on…

Finally at the top, Lexi faces Grant, in which he thanks Lexi for making the climb and welcomes her to the Gym. He decides not to take any more time, and the battle begins.

Round 1 – Binacle vs. Helioptile

The first round begins; Lexi sends out Helioptile while Grant sends out Binacle. The round begins quickly with both Grant and Lexi firing attacks and blocking each other’s attacks. Lexi realises she needs a strategy to get the upper hand, and realises that Helioptile can use its mobility to its advantage. Lexi commands Helioptile to dash across the battlefield and daze the Binacle, before attacking hard again. Helioptile is successful, and luckily, Binacle is defeated easily.

Round 2 – Tyrunt vs. Tyrunt

Lexi begins the second round, with Lexi sending out Tyrunt. Grant smiles, and sends out… Tyrunt. Lexi is taken a back a little, and Grant explains that he hopes to see an interesting battle between the same species. Lexi agrees, and the two begin to battle. Both Tyrunts begin with Bite and counter each other with Stomp, but the two’s power seems balanced and neither attacks do much. Grant then attacks with Dragon Tail which lands a powerful hit. Lexi realises that Grant has the upper hand, but she knows that Tyrunt’s power and determination could win her the round. Lexi continues with combinations of Stomp and Bite, but Grant only counters them or deters the attacks to lessen the blows. Luckily, Lexi realises that Grant’s Tyrunt takes a moment to turn round quickly, and therefore uses the advantage of her Tyrunt’s Agility to effectively hit Grant’s Tyrunt heavily against the back of the head. Realising the attack hit hard, Grant takes no prisoners, and gets his Tyrunt to edge Lexi’s to the edge of the battlefield, edging it off the cliff. Lexi shouts for her Tyrunt to hold on, and it is successful, but Grant’s Tyrunt took the opportunity and hit Lexi’s Tyrunt with a final blow, defeating Lexi’s Tyrunt.

Round 3 – Amaura vs. Floette

The third and final round begins, and with a win each, the deciding round of Lexi’s Gym battle. Grant sends out his final Pokémon Amaura, while Lexi takes a chance and sends out Floette. Although one of their first Trainer battles together, Lexi has confidence and wants to use its size to her advantage while battling. Grant begins by having Amaura ice the floor and put a breeze in the air, meaning that Floette is slightly put off by the winds. However, they soldier on and Lexi begins with the attacks, hitting Amaura around its head several times. Annoyed, the Amaura is then creates and Ice Beam towards Floette, but Floette is just too quick and agile and able to dodge its attacks. Amaura however, is lucky and is able to freeze Floette’s flower. She is temporarily distracted, and Amaura lands a hit. Floette however isn’t happy, and is able to land several more successful attacks, which defeats Amaura and wins Lexi the battle.

With the battle over, Lexi smiles happily to herself, and Grant asks to escort her to the exit. They arrive and Lexi informs Calem and Valerie of her victory, in which they congratulate her, and head off. Grant stops Lexi momentarily and speaks to her about her Tyrunt. He reveals that he was impressed by Tyrunt, but realised that it failed in the battle because it continued to look to Lexi for help. He suggests that she tries and gives Tyrunt some independence in battle, in order to help it. Lexi thanks him for his advice, and she heads off out of the Gym. With another Gym battle down, Valerie suggests that they head towards Geosenge Town, revealing that there are some special Kalos monuments there that she wants them to see.

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